Alexandria Library Photographs Collection Index

The Alexandria Library, Local History/Special Collections has 10,000 photographs in its collections ranging from 19th century daguerrotypes to images made by professional photographers still in practice. The goals of this project are twofold: 1) to promote access to this collection from beyond the Library's doors, and 2) to demonstrate the variety among the collections. There are 100 images included with this phase of the project. The index provides multiple access points, based on the content of the photos, with links to the images. It is anticipated that only a fraction of the collection, mostly pertaining to Alexandria's history, would be indexed.

The images were digitized at 150 dpi, sized to a scalable 640 x 350 pixels (or thereabouts), and saved in the .jpg format. Studio quality prints or better quality digital scans are available for the images, and of course, a visit to the Library would allow study of all the collections.  Please note our Photograph Duplication Service Fee Schedule, or contact the Library for details.


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