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Sinews of War

African Americans and the War

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Army of Northern Virginia

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General Resources

Clark, Walter. Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War 1861-'65. 5 vols. VA REF 973.7456 CLA

Current, Richard N., editor. Encyclopedia of the Confederacy. 4 vols. VA REF 973.713 ENC

Dyer, Frederick. A Compendium of the War of Rebellion. 4 vols. VA REF 973.7 DYE

Felton, Silas, compiler. Military Bibliography of the Civil War. (Vol. 4 of Dornbush) VA REF 016.9737 FEL

Evans, Clement, editor. Confederate Military History, Extended Edition. 17 vols. VA REF 973.7 CON

Hewett, Janet B., editor. The Roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865. 16 vols. VA REF 973.742 ROS

Virginia Confederate Soldiers 1861 - 1865. 4 vols. VA REF 973.7455 VIR A to Z listing of servicemen from Virginia and their units.

Howard, H.E., publisher. Virginia Regimental History Series and the Virginia Battles and Leaders Series. Located in Confederate Corner in numerical order by regiment/battalion and alphabetically by battery name.

Manarin, Louis H., editor. Confederate Veteran Magazine. 43 vols. VA REF 973.74 CON

Sifakis, Stewart. Compendium of Confederate Armies. 10 vols. VA REF 973.742 SIF

Southern Bivouac. Publication of the Southern Historical Association of Louisville. 6 vols. VA REF 975 SOU

Southern Historical Society Papers. 55 vols. VA REF 975.03 IND

Warner, Ezra. Generals in Gray, Lives of the Confederate Commanders. VA REF 973.742 WAR

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 130 vols. VA REF 973.7 UNI

Supplement to the Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. 100 vols. VA REF 973.7 SUP

Welsh, Jack. Medical Histories of Confederate Generals. VA REF 973.775 WEL

Politics and Governance

Davis, William. "A Government of Our Own," The making of the Confederacy. VA REF 973.713 DAV

Dew, Charles. Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War. VA REF 973.713 DEW

Escott, Paul. After Secession, Jefferson Davis and the Failure of Confederate Nationalism. VA REF 973.713 ESC

Neely, Mark. Southern Rights, Political Prisoners and the Myth of Confederate Constitutionalism. VA REF 973.713 NEE

Rable, George. The Confederate Republic, A Revolution Against Politics. VA REF 973.713 RAB

Ramsdell, Charles. Behind the Lines in the Southern Confederacy. VA REF 973.713 RAM

Ringold, Mary. The Role of the State Legislatures in the Confederacy. VA REF 973.713 RIN

Shanks, Henry. The Secession Movement in Virginia, 1847 - 1861. VA REF 973.713 SHA

Warner, Ezra and Buck Yearns. Biographical Register of the Confederate Congress. VA REF 923.275 WAR

Yearns, Buck. The Confederate Governors. VA REF 923.275 CON

Sinews of War

Ball, Douglas. Financial Failure and Confederate Defeat. VA REF 973.71 BAL

Black, Robert C. Railroads of the Confederacy. VA REF 973.7 BLA

Clark, John. Railroads in the Civil War, The Impact of Management on Victory and Defeat. VA REF 973.7742 CLA

Davies, Paul. C.S. Armory Richmond, A History of the Confederate States Armory, Richmond, Virginia and the Stock Shop at the C.S. Armory, Macon, Georgia. VA REF 355.75 DAV

Goff, Richard. Confederate Supply. VA REF 355.75 GOF

Johnson, Angus. Virginia Railroads in the Civil War. VA REF 385.0975 JOH

Olmstead, Edwin, Wayne Stark and Spencer Tucker. The Big Guns: Civil War Siege, Seacoast, and Naval Cannon. VA REF 623.4109 OLM

Ripley, Warren. Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War. VA REF 623.4 RIP

Wilson, Harold S. Confederate Industry: Manufacturers and Quartermasters in the Civil War. VA REF 973.71 WIL

Wise, Stephen. Lifeline of the Confederacy, Blockade Running During the Civil War. VA REF 973.75 WIS

The Home Front

Ash, Stephen. When the Yankees Came: Conflict and Chaos in the Occupied South 1861 - 1865. VA REF 973.713 ASH

Blair, William. Virginia's Private War: Feeding Body and Soul in the Confederacy, 1861 - 1865. VA REF 973.713 BLA

Crofts, Daniel. Reluctant Confederates, Upper South Unionists in the Secession Crisis. VA REF 973.7 CRO

Grimsley, Mark. The Hard Hand of War: Union Military Policy Towards Southern Civilians, 1861 - 1865. VA REF 973.713 GRI

Inscoe, John and Robert Kenzer, editors. Enemies in the Country; New Perspectives on Unionists in the Civil War South. VA REF 973.71 ENE

Massey, Mary. Ersatz in the Confederacy. VA REF 973.713 MAS

Sutherland, Daniel. editor. Guerillas, Unionists and Violence on the Confederate Home Front. VA REF 973.71 GUE

Wakelyn, Jon. Confederates Against the Confederacy, Essays on Leadership and Loyalty. VA REF 973.717 WAK

Army of Northern Virginia

Confederate Military Manuscripts, Series A, VA Historical Society, MICROFICHE
Confederate Military Manuscripts, A Guide. VA REF 973.742 SCH

Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories, Pt. 1, Virginia. MICROFICHE
Civil War Unit Histories, A Guide. VA REF 973.742 HYD

Krick, Robert E.L. Staff Officers in Gray: A Biographical Register of the Staff Officers in the Army of Northern Virginia. VA REF 973.742 KRI

Krick, Robert K. Lee's Colonels: A Biographical Register of the Field Officers of the Army of Northern Virginia. VA REF 973.742 KRI

Power, J. Tracy. Lee's Miserables, Life in the Army of Northern Virginia from the Wilderness to Appomattox. VA REF 973.7455 POW

Robertson, James. The Stonewall Brigade. VA REF 973.742 ROB

Sibley, F. Ray. The Confederate Order of Battle, Volume I: The Army of Northern Virginia. VA REF 973.742 SIB

Trout, Robert. Galloping Thunder, The Stuart Horse Artillery Battalion. VA REF 973.7455 TRO

Wise, Jennings. The Long Arm of Lee, the History of the Artillery of the Army of Northern Virginia. VA REF 873.742 WIS

Navy and Marines

Coski, John. Capital Navy: The Men, Ships and Operations of the James River Squadron. VA REF 973.757 COS

Donnelly, Ralph. Biographical Sketches of the Commissioned Officers of the Confederate States Marine Corps. VA REF 973.742 DON

Service Records of Confederate Enlisted Marines. VA REF 973.742 DON

Luraghi, Raimondo. A History of the Confederate States Navy. VA REF 973.757 LUR

Moebs, Thomas. The Confederate States Navy Research Guide: Confederate Naval Imprints Described and Annotated, A Chronology of Naval Operations and Administration, Marine Corps and Naval Officer Biographies, Description and Service of Vessels, Subject Bibliography. VA REF 973.75 MOE

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of Rebellion. Microfilm 00063

Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion Index.VA REF 973.75 UN

Ragan, Mark. Union and Confederate Submarine Warfare in the Civil War. VA REF 973.75 RAG

Silverstone, Paul. Warships of the Civil War Navies. VA REF 359.32 SIL

Alexandria and Northern Virginia

Andrus, Michael J. The Brooke, Fauquier, Loudoun and Alexandria Artillery. VA REF Alexandria 973.742 AND

Barber, James G. Alexandria in the Civil War. VA REF Alexandria 975.5296 BAR

Cooling, Benjamin F. Mr. Lincoln's Forts: A Guide to the Civil War Defenses of Washington. VA REF 975.302 COO

Dols, Jonathan. Yankees and Secesh: Civil - Military Relations in Alexandria, VA And New Orleans, La. VA REF Alexandria 973.73 DOL

Frantum, David. Confederate Burials in Northern Virginia, the Final Bivouac of Northern Virginia's "Band of Brothers." VA REF 929.5 FRA

Frobel, Anne S. The Civil War Diary of Anne S. Frobel of Wilton Hill in Virginia. VA REF 973,782 FRO

Mauro, Charles. The Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill), A Monumental Storm. VA REF 973.733 MAU

Rufner, Kevin. "Tenting on the Old Camp Grounds": The Civil War History of Union Mills, Fairfax County Virginia. VA REF Fairfax 975.502 RUF

Wallace, Lee. 17th Virginia Infantry. VA REF Alexandria 973.742 WAL

Warfield, Edgar. Manassas to Appomattox, The Civil War Memoirs of Pvt. Edgar Warfield, 17th Virginia Infantry. VA REF Alexandria 973.7455 WAR

Welker, David. Tempest at Ox Hill, The battle of Chantilly. VA REF 973.733 WEL

Whittington, Henry. Diary of Henry Whittington, May 1861 - April 1865. Microfilm 00056

Wise, George. History of the Seventeenth Virginia Infantry. VA REF Alexandria 973.742 WIS

Woolsey, Jane. Hospital Days, Reminiscences of a Civil War Nurse. VA REF 973.776 WOO

Compiled Service Records, 17th VA Infantry. Microfilm 00047

Compiled Service Records, 4th, 5th, 6th VACavalry. Microfilm 00557

Compiled Service Records, 18th VA Heavy Artillery Battalion (Alexa. Artillery is Battery 'E"), Microfilm 00557

Compiled Service Records, 19th VA Heavy Artillery Battalion (Triplett's Alexa. Co. is Battery 'C'), Microfilm 00557

Women and War

Beale, Jane Howison. The Journal of Jane Howison Beale, Fredericksburg, Virginia 1850 - 1862. VA REF B Beale BEA

Bacot, Ada. A Confederate Nurse, The Diary of Ada W. Bacot, 1860-1863. VA REF 973.775 BAC

Campbell, Edward and Kym Rice, editors. A Woman's War: Southern Women, Civil War, and the Confederate Legacy. VA REF 973.7082 WOM

Clinton, Catherine. Tara Revisited, Women, War & the Plantation Legend. VA REF 973.715 CLI

Cumming, Kate. Kate: Journal of a Confederate Nurse. VA REF 07377 CUM

Faust, Drew. Mothers of Invention, Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War. VA REF 973.715 FAU

Hume, Fanny. The Fanny Hume Diary of 1862, A Year in Wartime Orange. VA REF 975.5372 HUM

Massey, Mary. Refugee Life in the Confederacy. VA REF 973.7159 MAS

Rable, George. Civil Wars; Women and the Crisis of Southern Nationalism. VA REF 973.715 RAB

African Americans and the War

Barrow, Charles. Forgotten Confederates, an Anthology about Black Southerners. VA REF 973.7415 FOR

Brewer, James. The Confederate Negro, Virginia's Craftsmen and Military Laborers, 1861 - 1865. VA REF 973.715 BRE

Durden, Robert. The Gray and the Black, the Confederate Debate on Emancipation. VA REF 973.713 DUR

Ingram, E. Renee. In View of the Great Want of Labor, A Legislative History of African American Conscription in the Confederacy. VA REF 973.742 ING

Jordan, Ervin. Black Confederates and Afro - Yankees, in Civil War Virginia. VA REF 973.7455 JOR

Rollins, Richard, editor. Black Southerners in Gray, Essays on Afro - Americans in Confederate Armies. VA REF 973.715 BLA


Ackinlose, Timothy. Sabres & Pistols: The Civil War Career of Col. Harry Gilmore, C.S.A. VA REF Bio Gilmore

Booth, George W. A Maryland Boy in Lee's Army: Personal Reminiscences of a Maryland Soldier in the War Between the States. VA REF 973.782 BOO

Driver, Robert J. First and Second Maryland Cavalry, C.S.A. VA REF 973.7452 DRI

Goldsborough, W. W. The Maryland Line in the Confederate Army. VA REF 973.77452 GOL

Howard, McHenry. Recollections of a Maryland Confederate Soldier and Staff Officer. VA REF 972.782 HOW

McKim, Randolph. A Soldier's Recollections. VA REF 973.78 McK

Rufner, Kevin C. Maryland's Blue & Gray: A Border State's Union and Confederate Junior Officer Corps. VA REF 973.7452 RUF

Wearmouth, John M. Thomas A. Jones: Chief Agent of the Confederate Secret Service in Maryland. VA REF 973.786 WEA

Will, Thomas E. "Bradley Johnson's Lost Cause: Maryland" Confederate Identity in the New South." Maryland Historical Magazine, 94 (Spring 1999). Located on the Maryland state shelves.

Diaries, Letters, Memoirs

Alexander, E. Porter. Fighting for the Confederacy: The Personal Recollections of General Edward Porter Alexander. VA REF 973.782 ALE

Barclay, Ted. Liberty Hall Volunteers: Letters from the Stonewall Brigade, 1861 - 1864. (4th VA Inf.) VA REF 973.782 BAR

Blackford, William W. War Years With Jeb Stuart. VA REF 973.7455 BLA

Blue, John. Hanging Rock Rebel. (11th VA Cav.) VA REF 973.782 BLU

Gott, John K. and John E. Divine. "My Heart is so Rebellious": The Caldwell Letters, 1861 - 1865. VA REF 929.2 Caldwell

Selby, John. Virginians at War: The Civil War Experiences of Seven Young Confederates. VA REF 973.7455 SEL

Tombes, Robert, editor. Tell the Children I'll Be Home When the Peaches Get Ripe, Letters home from Robert Gaines Haile, Jr., 55th VA, 1862. VA REF 973.7455 HAI

Turner, Chas. W., editor. Allen Family of Amherst County, Virginia. (13th VA Inf.) VA REF 973. 782 ALL

Wallace, Lee, editor. Contributions to a History of the Richmond Howitzer Battalion. VA REF 972.7455 CON

Guides to other Collections

Beers, Henry Putney. Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America. VA REF 016.9737 BEE

Dozier, Graham T. Virginia's Civil War: A Guide to Manuscripts at the Virginia Historical Society. VA REF 011.31 DOZ

Munden, Kenneth and Henry Beers. Guide to Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War. VA REF 016.9737 MUN

Sellers, John R. Civil War Manuscripts: A Guide to Collections in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. VA REF 016.973 LIB

Stephenson, Richard W. Civil War Maps: An annotated List of Maps and Atlases in the Map Collections of the Library of Congress. VA REF 016.97379