George Washington's Medicinal Dictionary

George Washington Medicinal Dictionary

This medical dictionary was given by George Washington to his most trusted physician, Dr. James Craik (1730-1814). Dr. Craik accompanied Washington in every battle he fought. As seen by its bookplate, Dr. Craik, in turn, presented it to James Bruce Nichols (1762-1831). Nichols paid his subscription fees owed to the Alexandria Library Company from 1820-1826 with a collection of books that included this dictionary.

The Alexandria Library Company was founded on July 24, 1794, at John Wise's house. A week later the members met in Wise's long room -- upstairs in the smaller section of today's Gadsby's Tavern -- to elect officers. The Reverend James Muir was elected president, Samuel Craig, treasurer, and Edward Stabler, librarian. On January 9, 1799, the Alexandria Library Company was chartered by the General Assembly of Virginia.

The Library Company recently funded the restoration of the Medicinal Dictionary by Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding. For other historical content and artifacts from Alexandria, visit our Local History/Special Collections Branch located at 717 Queen Street. Please note that Local History/Special Collections is closed on Thursdays.

GW Medicinal Dictionary (1743)

Conservation Treatment Photographs of the Medicinal Dictionary, 1743.
Treatment by Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding

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