Author, Editor or Title Title, or continuation Pub. data Dates Notes
* African Repository 1827-1830
* Albion 1833-1839
* Aldine 1874-1875
* American Annual Register New York and Boston, Blunt 1825-1831
* American Journal of Science and Arts edited by Benjamin Silliman New Haven 1818-1820 plate, botanical, col.
* American Mechanics’ Magazine containing useful original matter, on subjects connected with manufactures, the arts and sciences New York, James V. Seaman 1825
* American Museum Or, repository of ... fugitive pieces Philadelphia, Carey 1787-1799
* American Philosophical Society Transactions Philadelphia, printed by R. Aitken 1789-1818
* American Quarterly Review leather boards-inside front cover: Eastland Library Co. Philadelphia 1827-1835
* American Quarterly Review paper boards-inside front cover: Alexandria Library Company book plates Philadelphia 1827-1834
* American Register Or, General repository of history, science and politics Philadelphia, Conrad 1808-1809
* American Register Or, Summary review of history, politics and literature Philadelphia, Dodson 1817
* American Review & Literary Journal New York 1801-1802
* American Review of History & Politics (Walsh) Philadelphia 1811-1812
* Analectic Magazine Comprising original reviews, biography, analytical abstracts of new publications, translations from French journals, and selections from the most esteemed British reviews Philadelphia, M. Thomas 1813-1820
* Analytical Review 1 vol., May to Aug. 1788
* Annual Biography and Obituary 1816
* Annual Register View of history, politics and literature London, Dodsley's 1758-1792
* Annual Register (New series) General repository of history, politics and literature London, Robinson 1781-1814
* Appleton's Journal New York 1869
* Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue: The Industry of All Nations, 1851 London 1851
* Asiatic Annual Register for 1799 London, printed for J. Debrett, Picadilly, by Andrew Wilson 1800
* Asiatic Researches Transactions of the Society Instituted in Bengal London, from the
Calcutta ed.
1801-1803 maps, col.
* Athenaeum ; or, Spirit of the English Magazines Boston 1818-1823
* Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine 1819-1842
* Burrow's Reports for the period of George III 1761-1766 Col. Chas. Simms (1755-1819),  inscrip.
* Columbian Magazine July to January 1787
* Congressional Globe Debates and Proceedings of ... Congress Washington 1866-1869
* Cosmopolitan Art Journal 1857-1860
* Democratic Review 1852
* Eclectic Museum 1843
* Edinburgh Review Or, Critical Journal Edinburgh; New York; Boston 1802-1856
* Emporium of the Arts and Sciences, First Series Philadelphia 1812
* Emporium of the Arts and Sciences, New Series Philadelphia 1813-1815
* European Magazine
* Foreign Quarterly Review contains North British Review American ed., New York 1846
* Franklin Journal of the Franklin Institute Philadelphia 1827-1830
* Guardian by Addison, Steele and others published in 175 numbers, March we to Oct. 1, 1713 London, printed for Messrs. Longman, Law, Johnson, Nichols and others 1713
* Historical Register of the United States T.H. Palmer, ed. 1814
* History of panorama and national register : a review of books, register of events, a magazine of varieties London, printed by Cox, Taylor 1807-1819
* Journal of Science and the Arts Royal Institution of Great Britain New York 1817-1818
* Knickerbocker Magazine 1840-1841
* Lady's Magazine
* Lady's Monthly Museum 1799-1802
* Literary Magazine and American Review Philadelphia 1803-1807
* Literary Magazine and British Review v. 1-12;1788-1794 London, printed for the proprietors 1788-1794
* Literary Panorama London 1807-1814
* Literary World a Gazette New York 1847 1849
* Loiterer a periodical work, first published at Oxford in the years 1789 and 1790 Dublin, printed by William Porter for P. Byrne, and W. Jones 1792
* London Quarterly Review American ed. New York 1814-1855
* Looker-On a periodical paper by the Rev. Simon Olive Brauch Philadelphia, printed for John Ormond 1796
* Lounger a periodical paper Edinburgh, printed for William Creech 1785-1787 Folio size ed., inscribed
* Maryland Farmer and Mechanic July 1, 1865–July 1, 1866 Baltimore 1865-1866
* Metropolitan Magazine American ed. New York 1840-1842
* Mirror A periodical paper, published at Edinburg in the years 1779 and 1780, by Mackenzie, etc. Boston, printed at the Apollo Press by Belknap and Hall 1792
* Monthly Anthology and Boston Review
* Monthly Magazine and British Register, cont. by: New Monthly Magazine from 1822 London, printed
for R. Phillips
* Monthly Review or Literary Journal London, printed
for R. Griffiths
* Museum Of Foreign Literature & Science (and Art (1936)) Philadelphia and New York 1822-1841
* New American Clerk's Magazine Alexandria, Va. 1803 1814
* New York Magazine Jan. 1794 to July 1797
* New York Mercury 1754 to 1756
* Niles' Weekly Register Baltimore, Md. 1811-1820
* Our Boys and Girls Oliver Optic's Magazine Boston 1867
* Penny Magazine 18nn
* Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture Memoirs 1808 1818
* Portfolio 1803, 1804, 1805 Philadelphia 1803-1805
* Portfolio a Monthly Miscellany Philadelphia 1809-1825
* Portico a Repository of Science & Literature Baltimore, Md. 1816-1817
* Quarterly Review London, New York; Boston 1809-1834
* Quarterly Theological Magazine , and Religious Repository Philadelphia 1813-1814
* Register of Arts and Manufactures
* Repertory of Arts, Manufactures, and Agriculture Second series London 1803-1804
* Saint Nicholas Magazine St. Nicholas: an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks, Mary Mapes Dodge New York, The Century Co. 1893-1894
* Select Reviews & Spirit of the Foreign Magazines Philadelphia 1809-1812
* Southern Literary Messenger Richmond 1835-1843
* Spirit of the English Magazines Boston 1817-1819
* State Papers and Publick Documents of the U.S. Boston 1814 1817
* Weekly Miscellany Or, Instructive Entertainer, containing  ... prose and verse, Oct. 1773 to July 1788 Sherborne 1773-1782
* Westminster Review London 1824-1828
Abbott, Jacob History of Alexander the Great New York 1848
Abbott, Jacob History of Cleopatra New York 1854 col. engraving
Abbott, Jacob History of Mary, Queen of Scots New York 1856
Abbott, Jacob Rollo in Geneva Boston 1857
Abbott, Jacob Rollo in Geneva New York 1866
Abbott, Jacob Rollo in Paris Boston 1856
Abelard and Heloise
Abernethy, John Surgical and Physiological Works from the sixth London ed. 1825
Account of the European settlements in America Vol. II: V. Of the French, Dutch, and Danish; VI. Of the English London: Dodsley 1758
Account of the general contents of the British Museum
Account of the military operations in North America from 1735 to 1756
Account of the Spanish settlements in America
Actes and Monuments of Matters most special and memorable, happening in the Church, with a universal history of the same London 1610
Adam, Robert Religious World Displayed; Or, a view of the four grand systems of religion Philadelphia 1818
Adams, George Astronomical and Geographical Essays, second ed. London 1740
Adams, George Lectures on natural and experimental philosophy considered in its present state of improvement Philadelphia, American ed.,published by W. W.  Woodward, W. P. Farrand 1806
Adams, Hannah History of the Jews Boston 1812
Adams, John Defence of the Constitutions and Government of the United States of America, against the attack of M. Turgut in his letter to Dr. Price, dated the twenty-second day of March, 1778 Philadelphia, For William Cobbett, opposite Christ Church 1797
Adams, John Quincy Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory Cambridge 1810
Adams, John, Rev. Flowers of modern history London, printed for G. Kearsley 1796
Adams, John, Rev. Lectiones selectae: or, Select Latin Lessons, fifteenth ed. London 1846
Adams, Robert Narrative of Shipwrick on Coast of Africa in the year 1810 Boston 1817
Adams, Samuel Oration delivered ... August 1776; William Pulteney's Thoughts ... Means of Conciliation in 1778; History of the Opposition ... Parliament in 1779
Adanson, Michel A voyage to Senegal by M. Adanson with notes by an English gentleman, who resided some time in that country London, J. Nourse 1759
Addison, Joseph Addisoniana
Addison, Joseph Evidences of the Christian Religion New York 1808
Addison, Joseph Miscellaneous works in verse and prose with some account of the life and writings of the author by Mr. Tickell London, printed for W. Strahan, J. B. and C. Rivington, R. Horsefield, T. Caslon, T. Longman, C. Rivington, T. Cadell, and E. Johnston 1777
Addison, Joseph Poetical works of Joseph Addison with the life of the author, Bell's 2d. ed. Edinburg, Apollo Press 1784
Addison, Joseph Spectator Dublin?, 1738
Addison, Joseph Spectator Philadelphia, in eight vols. by Johnson & Warner 1810 inscribed: John Miller
Addison, Joseph Spectator Philadelphia, Crissy 1824
Address to the Officers of the Army
Adventures of Henry Hudson New York, Appleton 1854
Aeschylus Tragedies, trans. by R. Potter London, printed for W. Strahan and T. Cabell in the Strand 1779
Agapida, Antonio Conquest of Granada, in 2 vol. Philadelphia 1831
Agilrie, John Poems on several subjects Dublin, printed for Samuel Waton 1821
Aikin, John Letters from a father to his son, on various topics, relative to literature and the conduct of life Philadelphia, printed by Samuel Harrison Smith 1794
Aikin, John View of the character and public services of the late John Howard, Esq London, printed for J. Johnson 1792
Aikin, Lucy Lorimer Philadelphia 1816
Aikin, Lucy Memoirs of the Court of King James the First Boston 1822
Aikin, Lucy Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth Boston 1821
Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin, designed for the use of schools, by Thomas Morell an abridgement Philadelphia 1841
Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin, designed for the use of schools, by Thomas Morell an abridgement, first Am. ed. Philadelphia, Boston 1808
Akenside, Mark Poetical works Edinburg, Apollo Press 1781
Alcott, William A. Lectures on Life and Health Boston 1853
Alden, Timothy, Rev. Collection of American epitaphs and inscriptions with occasional notes New York, S. Marks printer 1814
Aldini, John Account of the late improvements in Galvanism with a series of curious and interesting experiments to which is added, an appendix containing the author’s experiments on the body of a malefactor executed at Newgate London 1805
Alexander, W. Lindsay, Rev. Iona Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Alexander, William History of Women, from the earliest antiquity to the present time, ...amongst all nations ancient and modern, Third ed., with many ...corrections London 1782
Alger, Horatio, Jr. Rufus and Rose Philadelphia 1870
Ali Bey Travels of Ali Bey in [Africa and Asia] ..., between the years 1803 and 1807 Philadelphia, Carey 1816
Alison, Archibald Essays 1844
Alison, Archibald History of Europe, from the Fall of Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon New York 1855
Alison, Archibald History of Europe, from the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration in 1815 New York, in four vol. 1856
Alldridge, W.J. Universal Merchant
Allen, Julian Autocrasy in Poland and Russia New York, Wiley 1854
Almon, John Biographical, literary, and political anecdotes, of several of the most eminent persons of the present age by the author of anecdotes of the late Earl of Chatham London, printed for T. N. Longman, and L. B. Seeley 1797
American Artist’s Manual Or, Dictionary of practical knowledge in the application of philosophy to the arts and manufactures, by James Cutbush Philadelphia, Pub. By Johnson and Warner, and R. Fisher. W. A. Brown, printer 1814
Ames, Fisher Works of Fisher Ames
Anastasius Or, Memoirs of a Greek: Written at the Close of the Eighteenth Century, 3 vols. in 2 New York, C.S. Van Winkle 1820
Anburey, Thomas Travels through the interior parts of America
Anderson, Adam Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce Dublin 1790
Anderson, Adam Observations on the Means of creating a Spirit of National Industry in Scotland
Andrews, John Characteristical views of the past and of the present state of the people of Spain and Italy London, C. Chapple 1808
Anecdotes illustrating the character of Peter the Great
Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons Chiefly of the last and two preceeding centuries, in 4 vols. London, printed for T. Cadell and W. Davies, in the Strand 1804
Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons Chiefly of the present, and 2 preceding centuries Dublin, printed by William Porter, for P. Byrne 1796
Anecdotes of polite literature London, printed for G. Burnet 1764
Annals of the Peninsular Campaigns In 3 vols. Philadelphia, Carey 1831
Anne of Brittany
Anquetil Summary of Universal history
Anson, George Voyage around the world, from the year 1740, to the year 1744, with plates separate London, Richard Walter 1748
Anthing, Frederic History of the campaigns of Prince Alexander Suworow Rymniski, Field Marshall-General ... New York, printed by C. & R. Waite for William Cobbett 1800  ... Souvaroff
Appert Art of Preserving animal and vegetable substances
Arabian Night's Entertainments
Arabian Tales
Arator Series of Agricultural Essays, by a citizen of Virginia
Archenholz, Johann W. Picture of Italy, trans. from the original German by Joseph Trapp Dublin, printed by W. Conset, for P. Byrne, J. Moore and R. White 1791
Argenson, Rene Louis de Voyer de Paulmy, marquis d’ Essays, civil, moral, literary and political written after the manner of Montagne by Marquis D’Argenson many years Prime Minister of France translated Worcester, Mass, Thomas, Son & Thomas 1797
Ariosto Orlando of Ariosto, trans. by Hoole London 1791
Armata Fragment, second ed. New York 1817
Armstrong, John Poetical Works of John Armstrong, M.D. Edinburg, at Apollo Press 1781
Arrian History of Alexander's Expedition, in 2 vols. London 1814
Arrowsmith & Lewis General Atlas, ... containing Sixty-Three Maps Philadelphia, Conrad 1804
Ash, John Sentiments on education, collected from the best writers; properly methodized, and interspersed with occasional observations. By John Ash London. Printed for E. and C. Dilly 1777
Ashe, Thomas Spirit of the Book
Ashe, Thomas Travels in America
Atall, Peter, ed. Hermit in America on a Visit to Philadelphia Philadelphia 1819
Athenian Letters Basil, Strasburgh 1800
Austin, Arthur Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life, A Selection from the papers of the late Arthur Austin New York, Solomon King 1824
Austin, William Letters from London, written during the years 1802 and 1803. Boston, Printed for W. Pelham 1804
Babylon and the Banks of the Euphrates Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Babylon the Great : a dissection and demonstration of men and things in the British Capital, in  vols. Philadelphia 1825
Baker, George History of Rome by Titus Livius, translated by George Baker, second ed., corrected, in 6 vols. London 1814
Balch, Rev. Letters on Infant Baptism, and also a Sermon on Allmsgiving by Dr. Charters
Ballantyne, R.M. Away in the Wilderness; or, Life Among the Red Indians and Fur-Traders of North America Philadelphia, Porter & Coates 1869
Baltimore Library Catalogue
Balzac, Honore de Chouans Cambridge, Ma. 1892
Balzac, Honore de Cousin Bette Boston 1888
Balzac, Honore de Eugenie Grandet Boston 1899
Bancroft, George History of the Colonization of the United States Boston, Little and Brown 1840
Banks, Mr. Anna Bullen; or Virtue Betrayed, a tragedy London 1777
Barbauld, Anna Letitia Aiken Evenings at home; or, The juvenile budget opened. Consisting of a variety of miscellaneous pieces, for the instruction and amusement of young persons Philadelphia, printed by T. Dobson 1797
Barlow, Joel The vision of Columbus; a poem in nine books, second ed. Hartord, printed by Hudson and Goodwin, for the author 1787
Barre History of the French Consulate
Barrington Voyage to New South Wales, with a description of that country
Barrington, D. Possibility of Approaching the North Pole Asserted New York 1818
Barrow, John Account of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa
Barrow, John Collection of authentic, useful, and entertaining voyages and discoveries London, printed for J. Knox 1765
Barrow, John Travels in China made and collected at the imperial palace of Yuen-Min-Yuen. 1st American ed. Philadelphia, printed and sold by W. F. McLaughlin 1805
Barruel, Augustin de Memoirs illustrating the history of Jacobinism. A translation from the French of the Abbe Barruel New York, printed by Isaac Collins, for Cornelius Davis 1799
Barthelemy, Jean Jacques Travels of Anacharsis the younger in Greece, during the middle of the fourth century before the Christian era London, printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, and L. White, Dublin 1794
Bartram, John Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, and the Indian Country adjacent thereto, with an account ...
Baxter, Richard, Rev. Dying thoughts of the Rev. Richard Baxter, abridged New York, American Tract Soc. 18nn
Beattie, James Elements of Moral Science
Beattie, James Essays: on poetry and music, as they affect the mind, on laughter, and ludicrous composition; on the usefulness of classical learning London, printed for E. and C. Dilly and W. Creech 1779
Beattie, James Minstrel
Beaujour, Felix Commerce of Greece
Beauties of Rousseau, selected by a lady
Beauties of the British Classics : containing the best selections of entertaining and instructive essays, in 2 vols. 1826
Beauties of the British Senate : taken from the Debates of the Lords and Commons London 1786
Beccaria, Marquis Essay on Crimes and Punishments Philadelphia 1793
Belknap, Jeremy American biography, an historical account of those persons who have been distinguished in American, as adventurers, statesmen, philosophers, divines, warriors, authors, and other remarkable characters Boston, Isaiah Thomas and E. T. Andrews 1798
Belknap, Jeremy Foresters, an American Tale
Bell, Benjamin System of surgery, illustrated with plates
Bell, Currier, pseud. Jane Eyre New York 1856
Bell, Currier, pseud. Shirley New York 1850
Bell, John Travels from St. Petersburg in Russia to diverse parts of Asia to which is added a translation of the journal of Mr. De Lange Glasgow, printed for the author by Robert and Andrew Foulis, sold by R. & A. Foulis and A. Stalker, Kincaid & Bell and others 1763
Bellows, Henry W. Old World in its New Face: Impressions of Europe in 1867-1868 New York 1868
Bell's Edition Poets of Great Britain : Chaucer to Churchill--Spine title: Bell's Poets, Volumes 1 to 109; located 83 volumes see "Bell" Edinburg and London 1778-1788
Belsham, William Essays, philosophical, historical, and literary London, printed for C. Dilly 1789-1791
Belsham, William History of Great Britain, from the Revolution, 1688, to the Treaty of Amiens, 1802, in 12 vols. London 1806-1812
Belsham, William Memoirs of the kings of Great Britain, of the House of Brunswich Lunenburg
Belsham, William Memoirs of the reign of George 1st and 2d
Belsham, William Memoirs of the reign of George III to the commencement of the year 1793 Dublin, printed for J. Milliken 1796
Benger, Elizabeth Ogilvy Marian, a novel Philadelphia, published by Bradford and Inskeep; and Inskeep and Bradford, New York, Jane Aitken, printer 1812 rare
Bennett, Emily T.B. Song of the Rivers New York 1865
Bennett, John, Rev. Letters to a young Lady on useful and interesting subjects Philadelphia 1793
Bennett, Mrs. Beggar Girl
Bentley, the Rural Philosopher
Benyowski Memoirs and Travels of Mautitius Augustus Count de Benyowsky, consisting of his military operations in Poland, exile into Kamschatka, ... Island of Madagasear Dublin 1790
Berchtold Count Leopold Berchtold's Essay for the direction of Patriotic Travellers London 1789
Beresford, James Miseries of Human Life
Berrian, William Travels in France and Italy in 1817 and 1818 New York 1821
Betham, Matilda Biographical dictionary of the celebrated women of every age and country London, printed by Betham and Warde, printed for B. Crosby and Co.,Tegg and Castleman, and E. Lloyd 1804
Bibliotheca Americana Chronological catalogue of the most curious and interesting books that have been published on the subject of America
Bicknell, A Life of Alfred the Great, King of the Anglo-Saxons London 1778
Bigland, John Essays on various subjects by J. Bigland Doncaster, printed by and for W. Sheardown 1805
Bigland, John Geographical and historical view of the world: exhibiting a complete delineation of the natural and artificial features of each country; … origin of the different nations, their political revolutions, and progress in arts, sciences, literature, commerce, in 5 vols. With notes ... the American continent, ... by Jedidiah Morse Boston 1811
Bigland, John History of England from the earliest period, to the close of the year 1812 Boston 1815
Bigland, John History of Spain, in 2 vols. London 1810
Bigland, John Letters on Natural History
Bigland, John Letters on the study and use of ancient and modern history Philadelphia, printed for W. W. Woodward 1806
Bingley, William A tour round North Wales London, sold by E. Williams 1800
Biography for Boys
Birch, Thomas Life of the honorable Robert Boyle London 1744
Birkbeck, Maurice Notes on a Journey through France London 1814
Bisset, Robert History of the reign of George III to the termination of the late war, new ed. Baltimore, Edward J. Coale; T. L. Plowman, printer 1810-1811
Bisset, Robert Life of Edmund Burke, second ed. London 1800
Bissett Modern Literature
Blackmore, Richard Creation, a poem, vol. 6 of Sacred Classics Philadelphia 1808
Blackstone, Sir William Commentaries on the laws of England. In four books. Second American ed. Containing ... the additions by Richard Burn, ... to the present time by John Williams Boston, printed by I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews, sold by them, by I. Thomas, by Thomas, Andrews and Penniman, and others 1799
Blair, Hugh Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres, 2d. American ed. from the 4th London ed. Philadelphia, Matthew Carey 1793
Blair, Hugh Lectures on rhetoric and belles lettres, 6th. American ed. from the last Edinburgh ed. New York 1815
Blair, Hugh Sermons Philadelphia 1741
Blair, Hugh Sermons New York 1802
Bleecker, Ann Eliza Posthumous Works New York 1793
Bligh, William Voyage to the South Sea, undertaken … for the purpose of Conveying the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty’s Ship The Bounty, … the mutiny, …subsequent voyage of part of the crew … from Tofoa … to Timor, … in the East Indies London, by Permission of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Printed for George Nicol Bookseller 1792 ill.
Blodget, Samuel
Blomfield, E., Rev. Life of Jesus Christ Bungay 1813
Bloomfield, Robert Farmer’s boy; a rural poem. 1st American ed. Wood engravings by A.  Anderson New York, George F. Hopkins 1801
Bloomfield, Robert Rural Tales
Bloomfield, Robert Wild flowers; or Pastoral and local poetry Philadelphia, published by Jacob Johnson, T. L. Plowman, printer 1806
Bogatsky Golden Treasury, [devotional]
Bolingbroke, Henry A voyage to the Demerary, containing a statistical account of the settlements there and of those on the Essequebo, the Berbice, and other contiguous rivers of Guyana. By Henry Bolingbroke, Esq. Of Norwich, Deputy Vendue Master at Surinam Philadelphia, M, Carey, A. Fagin, printer 1813
Bonnycastle, R.H. Spanish America: or a descriptive, historical, and geographical account of the Dominions of Spain ... Philadelphia, Small 1819 col. ill.of altitudes; map
Bossuet Discours fur l'Histoire Universelle
Bossuet, James Benigne An exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church in matters of controversie, done into English from the 5th ed. in French London 1685
Boswell, James The life of Samuel Johnson LLD comprehending the account of his studies and numerous works in chronological order Boston, published by W. Andrews and L. Blake 1807
Boswell, James Tour to the Hebrides with Dr. Johnson
Botta, Charles History of the War of Independence of the United States of America, trans. from the Italian by George Alexander Otis Philadelphia 1820-1821
Bouilly, J.N. Tales for Mothers, trans. from the French London 1824
Bourgoanne, Chevalier de Travels in Spain London, printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson 1789 maps
Bowditch, Nathaniel New American Practical Navigator, third ed. New York 1811
Bowdler, Miss Essays and Poems
Bowen, Emanuel Atlas regulated by astronomical observations
Bowen, Emanuel Complete system of geography the whole illustrated with seventy maps London, printed for William Innys, Richard War, Aaron Ward, and others 1747
Bowle Universal Atlas
Boyd, Hugh Junius, Letters by which is added his confidential correspondence with Mr. Wilkers and his private letters addressed to Mr. Woodfall Philadelphia 1813
Boyd, Hugh The miscellaneous works of Hugh Boyd, the author of the letters of Junius, with an account of his life and writings by Lawrence Dundas Campbell London, printed for T. Cadell, and W. Davies, by R. Noble 1800
Boydell, John Gallery of Illustrations for Shakespeare's dramatic works, based on an original idea from 1787 Philadelphia, Gebbie & Barrie 1874 engravings
Boyer's French Dictionary Boston 1827
Bozman, John Leeds Sketch of the history of Maryland
Bracelet ; or The Fortunate Discovery, being the history of Miss Polly. From a French work entitled Memoires de Cecile London, printed for F. Noble 1759
Brackenridge, H.H. Modern Chivalry Philadelphia and Richmond 1807
Brackenridge, H.M. Recollections of People and Places in the West Philadelphia 1834
Branch Book Kingdom and Glory of the Branch, and Testament of the West Baltimore 1833
Brewer, J.N. Picture of England London 1820
Briggs, Charles F. Story of the Telegraph, and the Great Atlantic Cable New York 1858
Bristed, John Pedestrian tour through part of the Highlands of Scotland, in 2 vol. London 1803
Bristed, John Resources of the British Empire New York 1811
Bristed, John Resources of the U.S. New York 1818
British Cicero : a Selection of the most admired Speeches in the English Language
British Drama ; comprehending the best plays in the English Language London 1804
British Plutarch ; containing the lives of the most eminent statesmen, patriots, divines, warriors, philosophers, poets and artists of Great Britain and Ireland London, printed for Charles Dilly 1791
British Spy
British Theatre Bell's Edition. London, Edinburg, J. Bell 1778
Brooke, Henry Fool of quality; or, History of Henry, Earl of Moreland London, printed for Edward Johnston 1782
Brooke, Henry Fool of quality; or, History of Henry, Earl of Moreland London, printed for Edward Johnston 1792
Brooke, Henry Fool of quality; or, History of Henry, Earl of Moreland London, printed for Edward Johnston 1792
Brooke, Henry Gustavus Vasa, the deliverer of his country. A tragedy adapted for theatrical representation as performed at the Theatree Roiyal, Drury-Lane, and Covent-Garden, and the American theatres New York, Longworth's stage, v. 32 1810
Broome, William Poetical works Edinburg, Apollo Press 1781
Brown Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times
Brown, Charles Brockden Arthur Mervyn, a tale London, printed at the Minerva Press, for Lane and Newman 1803
Brown, Thomas Fudge Family in Paris New York 1818
Brown, William History of Missions Philadelphia 1816
Brown, William Lawrence Essay on natural equality of man Philadelphia, printed for John Omrod, by William W. Woodward, at Franklin’s Head 1793
Browne, Thomas Poems on Several Occasions
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Aurora Leigh New York 1857
Bruce, James An interesting narrative of the travels of Bruce into Abyssinia, to discover the source of the Nile London, printed for and sold by all the booksellers in town and country 1790
Bruce, James Travels to discover the source of the Nile in Egypt, Arabia, Abyssinia, and Nubia Edinburgh, printed by J.Ruthven, for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row, London 1790
Bruce, James Travels to discover the source of the Nile in Egypt, Arabia, Abyssinia, and Nubia Dublin, printed by Zachariah Jackson, for P. Wogan, L. White, P. Byrne and others 1790-1791 maps, plates ill. natural history
Bryan, Mrs. Conversations on Chymistry [chemistry], in which the elements of that science are familiarly explained ... and illustrated by experiments Philadelphia, printed and sold by James Humphreys 1806 illus.
Bryant, William C. Picturesque Souvenir; letters of a traveller ... in Europe and America New York, Putnam 1851
Brydone, Patrick A tour through Sicily and Malta Dublin, printed by Marchbank, for the company of J. Booksellers 1750
Buch, Leopold von Travels through Norway and Lapland London 1813 maps
Buchanan, Claudius Apology for promoting Christianity in India
Buchanan, Claudius Christian Researches in Asia Philadelphia, Brown 1813
Buchanan, Claudius Works of the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, LLD New York, published by Whiting and Watson 1812
Buchanan, James Modern Atheism Boston 1857
Buckland, William Geology and Mineralogy Philadelphia 1837
Buffon, M. de Buffon’s Natural History, abridged including the history of the elements of man Dublin, printed for P. Wogan, P. Bryne and J. Moore 1791 plates
Bulfinch, Thomas, ed. Poetry of the Age of Fable Boston 1863
Bulwar, E.L. Disowned
Bulwar, E.L. Harold, complete in two parts New York 1848
Bulwar, E.L. Pilgrims of the Rhine New York 1834
Bulwar, Lady Lytton Budget of the Bubble Family, in 2 vols. New York 1840
Bunyan, John Holy War made by Shaddai Upon Diabolus Baltimore, Miltenberger 1812
Bunyan, John Pilgrims Progress Philadelphia, Kite 1808
Burke, Edmund The works ... 1st American from the last London ed. Boston, published by John West, and O. C. Greenleaf 1806-1813
Burlamaqui, J.J. Principles of Natural Law London 1748
Burlamaqui, J.J. Princliles of Politic Law, being a sequel to the Principles of Natural Law London 1752
Burnet, Gilbert Life of the Earl of Rochester
Burnett, Frances Hodgson Through One Administration Boston (1st ed.?) 1883
Burney, Frances Camilia
Burney, Frances Cecilia
Burney, Frances Evelina
Burney, Frances Traits of Nature
Burney, Frances (Mme D'Arblay) The Wanderer With all the Mottos in Latin and English To which is added The Publick Spirit, an Heroick Poem [by Mr. Fox] London, H. Meere 1718
Burns, Robert Letters, 2 vols. in 1 1820
Burns, Robert Poems in the Scottish Dialect
Burns, Robert Reliques of Burns collected by Cromeck
Burns, Robert Works, ed. James Currie, Fifth Diamond Ed. London 1836
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Byron, Commodore Voyage Round the World  ... in his Majesty's Ship the Dolphin, accompanied bv Capt. Mouat in the Tamar Sloop ...18th cent.
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Campaign against Quebec in 1775
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Carr, John Stranger in Ireland
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Census of the United States for 1801
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Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de Don Quixote de la Mancha London 1843
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Chateaubriand, Francois A.R. Travels in Greece, Palestine, Egypt and Barbary, during the years 1806 and 1807 Philadelphia, published by
Moses Thomas
1818 1 copy signed by Edward Stabler
Chatterton Works
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Clavigero History of Mexico
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Cleaveland, Parker Elementary treatise on mineralogy and geology Boston 1816 map, plates
Clery Journal of Occurrences in the Tower of the Temple during the confinement of Louis 16th
Clinton Bradshaw ; adventures of a lawyer Philadelphia 1835
Clubs of London ; with anecdotes ... and conversations, in 2 vols. London 1828
Cobbett, William Collection ... relative to the Peace with Bonaparte Philadelphia 1802
Cochrane, John Dundas Narrative of a pedestrian journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary, ... Frontiers of China ...Kamtchatka Philadelphia 1824
Coelebs Deceived Philadelphia 1817
Coelebus in Search of a Wife
Coffin, Robert S. Oriental Harp: Poems of the Boston Bard Providence, RI 1826
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Coke Life of the Rev. John Wesley
Coleman, George, Jr Poetical Vagaries
Collection Abregee des Voyages Ancien et Modernes autour du monde Paris 1808
Collection of authentic, useful and entertaining voyages
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Collins, Wilkie Armadale New York inscrib. Wm. P. McKnight
Collins, Wilkie Law and the Lady New York 1876 inscrib. Wm. P. McKnight
Collins, Wilkie Poor Miss Finch New York 1872 inscrib. Wm. P. McKnight
Collins, Wilkie Two Destines New York 1876 inscrib. Wm. P. McKnight
Colonial History (begins at Chapter XI in Vol. II)?
Colquhoun, Patrick Treatise on the commerce and police of the river Thames London, printed for Joseph Mauman 1800
Colquhoun, Patrick Treatise on the police of the Metropolis
Colton, Walter Three years in California New York 1859
Comic Tales
Comines, Philip de Memoirs London 1723
Committee of Delegates from the Abolition Societies Minutes of Proceedings - Substance of the Report delivered .. Sierra Leone Company
Complete masterpiece of Aristotle , ...secrets of nature in the generation of man ...the family physician ... remedies for the several distempers incident to the human body New York 1842
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Constitution of the State of Massachusetts and that of the United States Boston 1807
Constitution of the United States of America and other papers, and statistics, by W. Hickey, seventh ed. Philadelphia 1854
Constitutional Law comprizing the declaration of independence ... constitutions of the several states Washington 1820
Contes de Bakhtiar-Nameh  Arabic?
Conversations on Natural Philosophy Familiarly explained New York 1820
Cook, Eliza Poetical Works Philadelphia 1853
Cook, James Voyage to the Pacific Ocean - maps in a scrapbook
Cook, James Voyage to the Pacific Ocean undertaken by command of His Majesty for making discoveries in the Northern hemisphere London, H. Hughes 1785
Cook, James Voyage to the Pacific Ocean undertaken by command of His Majesty for making discoveries in the Northern hemisphere Dublin, printed for H. Chamberlaine, W. Watson, Potts, Williams and others 1794 many illus.
Cook, James Voyages around the World, from 1768 to 1780 ... ; to which are added genuine Narratives of other Voyages of discovery
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Cooper, James Fenimore Red Rover Philadelphia 1832
Cooper, James Fenimore Sea Tales v.1: Pilot New York 1856
Cooper, James Fenimore Sea Tales v.4:Two Admirals New York 1856
Cooper, James Fenimore Sea Tales v.5: Wing & wing New York 1856
Cooper, James Fenimore Spy
Coote, Charles History of Modern Europe, from 1763 to 1802, a continuation of Dr. Russell's history Philadelphia 1811
Coote, Charles History of Modern Europe, from 1802 to 1815 London 1817
Coraly ; in three vols. London 1819
Cornwall Dramatic scenes
Cornwall, Barry English songs Boston 1851
Corp, Harriet Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life
Corp, Harriet Sequel to the Antidote to the Miseries of Human Life
Correspondance between Messrs. Harper and Walsh on the Affairs of Russia
Correspondence of Theodosius and Constantia 2 vols. in 1 to which is added the Country Justice New York 1802
Cosens, John Economy of beauty; in a series of fables addressed to the ladies Dublin, printed for Messr’s. Price, W. Watson, Whitestone and others 1777
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Cottage Sketches or, Active Retirement by the author of an antidote to the miseries of human life, talents improved, 2 vols. in 1 Boston, published by West and Richardson 1813
Cottin, Sophie Elizabeth; Or, the Exiles of Siberia Philadelphia 1808
Cottin, Sophie Saracen
Cowley, Abraham The poetical works from the text of Dr. Sprat with the life of the author Edinburg, Apollo Press 1784
Cowper, William Poetic Works
Cowper, William Private Correspondence, first American ed. Philadelphia 1824
Coxe, Tench View of the Laws of the United States
Coxe, William Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, in six vols. London 1820
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Crabbe, George Tales in Verse
Crabbe, George Tales of the hall Boston 1819
Crawford, Mabel Sharman Life in Tuscany New York 1859
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Crevecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. Jean de, called Saint John de Crevecoeur Lettres d'un Cultivateur Americain, par M. St. John 17nn map
Crispi, C. Sallustii Operas Philadelphia 1804
Croker, T. Crofton Legends of the Lakes, or sayings and doings at Killarney London 1829
Crowley, etc. Philadelphia 1819
Crowther, Jonathan Portraiture of Methodism, or the history of the Wesleyan Methodists New York, published by James Eastburn 1813
Cruikshank, George Three Courses and a Dessert London 1881
Cudworth Intellectual System of the Universe
Culbertson, M. Simpson Darkness in the Flowery Land, or, religious notions and popular superstitions in North China New York 1857
Cullen, Miss Home
Cumberland, Richard Calvary, a sacred poem
Cumberland, Richard John de Lancaster
Cumberland, Richard Memoirs of Richard Cumberland Philadelphia 1806
Cunningham, J.W. De Rance, a poem New York 1816
Cunningham, John Poetical Works of the lives of the author Edinburg, at Apollo Press 1781
Curran, John Philpot Speeches of John Philpot Curran with the speeches of Erskine and Burke New York, I. Riley 1809
Currie, James Medical reports on the effects of water, cold and warm, as a remedy in fevers  ...
Curzon, Robert Monasteries of the East New York 1856
Cushing, Luther S. Rules of Proceeding and Debate New York 1895
Cuvier, Georges Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its Organization London 1849 engravings, col.
Cuvier, M. Essay on the Theory of the Earth New York 1818
Cyclopedia: or, a new universal dictionary of arts and sciences
Dagge, Henry Considerations on criminal law Dublin, printed for H. Saunders, W. Sleater, E. Lynch, and others 1772
Dakins, Rev. W. W. The Life of Catherine II of Russia London, printed for George Cawthorn, Edinburgh 1799
Dante Alighieri [Works, Italian] Venice 1811
Darwin, Erasmus Botanic Garden, a poem
Darwin, Erasmus Plan of female education in boarding schools, private families, and public seminaries Philadelphia 1798
Darwin, Erasmus Temple of Nature
Darwin, Erasmus Zoonomia:  or the laws of organic life
Davies, Charles Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry New York 1868
Davies, Samuel Sermons
Davis, John Travels in the United States
Dawson, George Origo legum: or a treatise of the origin of laws, and their obligating power London, printed for Richard Chiswell 1694
Day Dawn in Africa 1858
Day, Thomas Sanford and Merton
De Gurowski, A. Russia As It Is New York 1854
De La Croix, L'Abbe Nicolle Geographie Moderne, par M. L’Abbe. In French Paris, Chez Delalain 1781
De La Motte, Comtesse Vie de Jeanne de St. Remy de Valois Paris
De Las Cases, Count Journal of the Private Life ... Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena Philadelphia 1823
De L'enclos, Ninon Memoirs
De L'esprit [French] Amsterda, 1777
De Mably Remarks on the Government and Laws of the United States
De Pages, Monsieur Travels round the world, in the years 1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, and 1771, by Monsieur DePages; also towards the South Pole, in 1773 and 1774 London, printed for J. Murray 1793
De Pauw, Mr. Philosophical Dissertations on the Greeks London 1743
De Quincey, Thomas Caesars Boston 1851
De Quincey, Thomas Essays Boston 1853
De Quincey, Thomas Essays on the Poets Boston 1853
De Quincey, Thomas Memorials Boston 1856
De Rocca, M. Memoirs on the War of the French in Spain Philadelphia 1820
De Salvo Travels in Italy
De Uztariz Theory and Practice of Commerce and maritime Affairs, Trans. from the Spanish
Debates in Congress on the Judiciary Bill
Debates on the Federal Constitution in the Virginia Convention
Defoe, Daniel New Robinson Crusoe; and instructive and entertaining history for children
Defoe, Daniel Religious courtship: being historical discourses on the necessity of marrying religious husbands and wives only Boston, I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews 1794
Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe
Delano, Amasa Narrative of three voyages round the world illus.
Demonsthenes Orations of Demosthenes, trans. by Dr. Thomas Leland London 1806
Denham, Dixon, Major Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa ... Denham and Clapperton Boston 1826 map
Denham, John Poetical works Edinburg, Apollo Press 1779
Denon, Dominique Vivant, baron Travels in upper and lower Egypt, during the campaigns of General Bonaparte in that country New York, printed by Heard and Forman, for S. Campbell, M. Carey, P. Byrne and others 1803 illus.
Depons, F. Voyage ... the Spanish Main, in South America New York 1806 map
Depping Evening Entertainments
Descriptive tour through France, Germany, and Holland, in 1791
Diary of a Desennuyee complete in one vol. New York 1836
Diary of an Ennuyee from the London ed. Philadelphia 1826
Dickens, Charles Bleak House New York 1853
Dickens, Charles Nicholas Nickleby Philadelphia 1839
Dickens, Charles Pic Nic Papers, by various hands Philadelphia 1841
Dickens, Charles Sketches
Dillon, Wentworth (Roscommon) Poetical Works Edinburg, Apollo Press 1780
Dimond, William The doubtful son; or, Secrets of a palace: a play in five acts New York, Longworth's stage, v. 32 1810
Discoveries of America Select British Classics, vol. 25
Disinterested Nabob a novel, interspersed with genuine descriptions of India, its manners and customs London, printed by S. Hazard
D'Israeli, I. Calamities of Authors, [by Lord Beaconsfield] New York 1812
D'Israeli, I. Flim flams; Or the Life and Errors of My Uncle
D'Israeli, I. Romances
D'Israeli, I. Varieties of Literature
D'Israeli, I. Vivian Grey [by Lord Beaconsfield]
Dobson, Mrs. The Life of Petrarch. Collected from memories London, printed by T. Malden 1805
Doctrines and Discipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church Cinncinnati 1853
Doddridge Life of Col. James Gardiner
Donelan, John P. My Trip to France New York 1857
Donne, John The poetical works of Dr. John Donne, with the life of the author Edinburg, Apollo Press 1779
Drake, Nathan Literary hours; or, Sketches critical and narrative in 2 vols. Sudbury, printed by J. Burkitt, for T. Cadell, and W. Davies 1800
Drake, Nathan Literary hours; or, Sketches critical and narrative in 3 vols. London 1804
Drake, Nathan Speculator Dublin 1791
Drawing School est. by the Dublin Society Instructions given in the Drawing School Dublin 1769
Drew, Samuel Essay on the Immortality of the Soul 1802
Drummond, &c. Works of British Poets, by Ezekial Sanford, v.5 Philadelphia 1819
Dryden, John Poetical Works of John Dryden Edinburg, at the Apollo Press 1784
Duane, Lt. Notes on Colombia, taken in the years 1822-3 Philadelphia 1827
Dubois, J.A. Description of ... People of India and their Institutions Philadelphia 1818
Dufief, N. G. Dictionary of the French and English Languages 1810
Dufief, N. G. Nature displayed, or method of acquiring a Language in the shortest time possible. Adapted to the French Philadelphia, printed at press of John Watts 1806
Dumas, Alexandre Reine Margot Paris
Duncan, Andrew Medical cases selected from the records of the public dispensary at Edinburgh
Duncan, Archibald The Mariner's Chronicle, being a collection of understanding narratives of shipwrecks Printed and sold by James Humphreys 1806
Duncombe, John Select works .. Emperor Julian ... and others ... from the French London 1784
Dupaty Travels through Italy, in a series of letters in the year 1785
Dutchman's Fireside a tale New York, Harper Stereotype ed. 1831
Dutens, Louis Memoirs of a traveller in retirement
Duyckinck, Evert A. Poets of the Nineteenth Century New York 1860
Dwight, Timothy Travels; in New England and New York New Haven 1822
Dyer, John Poetical Works of the life of the author Edinburg, at Apollo Press 1779
Ebony Idol New York 1860
Eccentric female biography
Eccentric male biography
Eccentricities of John Edwin
Echo, a political satire
Edgeworth, Maria Absentee
Edgeworth, Maria Castle Rackrent
Edgeworth, Maria Essay on Irish Bulls
Edgeworth, Maria Harrington and Ormond, 3 vols. in 2 New York
Edgeworth, Maria Leonora
Edgeworth, Maria Modern Griselda
Edgeworth, Maria Moral Tales for Young People
Edgeworth, Maria Parent Assistant
Edgeworth, Maria Patronage, by Maria Edgeworth Philadelphia, published by Moses Thomas 1814
Edgeworth, Maria Popular Tales
Edgeworth, Maria Tales of fashionable life, by Miss Edgeworth. In three volumes 1809
Edgeworth, Maria Tomorrow or the dangers of delay. By Maria Edgeworth New Brunswick N. J., printed and published by William Elliot and sold by Robert Eastboro. Sold also in New York 1807
Edgeworth, Maria Vivian and Emilie
Edgeworth. Maria Essay on Practical Education
Edlin, A. Art of Bread-Making London 1805
Edwards, Bryan History, civil and commerical, of the British colonies in the West Indies Philadelphia, printed and sold by James Humphreys 1806
Effusions of Friendships and Fancy In several letters to and from select friends London 1763
Egan, Pierce Sporting Anecdotes ... by an Amateur Sportsman
Elegant Anecdotes, Original and Selected
Elements of Mythology For the use of schools Philadelphia 1841
Elkington, Joseph Account of the mode of draining land London 1814
Ellicott, Andrew Journal in determining the boundary line between the United States and Spanish Terrtory
Ellis, Henry Journal ... Late Embassy to China Philadelphia 1818 map
Ellis, Mrs. Look to the End: the Bennets Abroad New York 1845
Emerson, James Picture of Greece in 1825, by James Emerson, Esq., Count Pecchio New York 1826
Emmons, Richard Fredoniad; Independence Preserved, an epic poem Philadelphia 1830
Encyclopaedia, or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature ... a full account of the various detached parts of knowledge - American Edition, with suppl.
Enfield, William Sermons for the use of families, 4th ed. Belfast, printed by James Magee 1776
English Theatre in Eight Volumes Vol. V London 1765
English, George Bethune Narrative of the expedition to Dongola and Sunnaar, ...viceroy of Egypt Boston 1823 map
Entertaining Tour ... through Flanders, Germany & Holland London 1791
Epictetus Works of Epictetus trans. by Mrs. Elizabeth Carter
Epistles of the Apostolic Fathers
Erskin Lord Erskin's speeches at the Bar
Espriella, Don Manuel Alvarez Letters from England Philadelphia 1808
Essay on Political Society
Essays on the Spirit of Legislation
Eton, W. Survey of Turkish Empire, 3rd ed. Printed for Cabell and Davies London 1801
Euler Letters of Euler on different subjects in natural philosphy in two vols. (Harper's Family Library; LVI) New York 1825
Eulogies and Orations on the Character of Washington
Eulogies on Calhoun, Clay, Webster delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives Washington 1853
Eustace, John Chetwode Classical Tour through Italy Philadelphia 1816
Evans Report on the Trial of Judge Chase
Evans, John A sketch of the denominations of the Christian world Boston, printed by E. C. Beals 1807
Everett, Edward Life of George Washington New York 1860
Faber, George Stanley Dissertation on the prophecies, that have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or will hereafter by fulfilled, relative to the great period of 1260 years; ... restoration of the Jews Boston, 1st Am. ed. 1808
Faber, George Stanley Dissertation on the prophecies, that have been fulfilled, are now fulfilling, or will hereafter by fulfilled, relative to the great period of 1260 years; ... restoration of the Jews New York, 2nd Am ed. 1811
Faber, George Stanley Internal state of France in 1810
Faber, George Stanley View of the prophecies Boston 1809
Fairfax Oration delivered ...July 1803 at Charleston, Va. by F. Fairfax Esq. and presented by the author
Fairies of Our Garden Boston 1867
Falconer Voyage to America, with an account of the laws customs and manners of the Indians
Falconer, William Shipwreck, by William Falconer Dublin, printed by Zachariah Jackson 1790
Federalist on the new Constitution, By Publius. Written in 1788. To which is added, Pacificus, on the proclamation of neutrality, Written in 1739. Likewise, the federal Constitution with all the amendments New York, printed and sold by George F. Hopkins, at Washington’s Head 1802
Fell, R. Tour through the Batavian Republic in 1800 London 1801
Fenelon, M. Adventures of Telemachus [French] Philadelphia 1812
Fenelon, M. Adventures of Telemachus, trans. by Dr. Hawkesworth 1771
Fenton, Elijah Poetical Works of the author Edinburg, at the Apollo Press 1779
Ferguson, Adam History of the Progress and Termination of the Roman Republic
Fern, Fanny Fern Leaves from Fanny's Port-Folio Auburn 1854
Fessenden, Thomas Green Democracy Unveiled
Fessenden, Thomas Green Poem
Fessenden, Thomas Green Register of Arts, ... discoveries and inventions Philadelphia 1808
Fessenden, Thomas Green Terrible Tractorations
Fielding, Henry Miscellaneous Works 1783
Fisher, S.I. Observations ...character and culture of the European vine ... Philadelphia 1834
Fletcher, James History of Poland, from the earliest period to the present time (Harper's Family Library; XXIV) New York 1831
Fletcher, Phineas The purple island; or The isle of man, an allegorical poem esteemed the Spenser of his age, to which is added, Christ’s victory and triumph, a poem in four parts by Phineas and Giles Fletcher London, printed by Frys & Coughman, and sold by J. Buckland, and J. Matthews 1783
Flint, Timothy Recollections of the last ten years ... valley of the Mississippi Boston 1826
Florian, Jean Pierre Claris de Gonzalva of Cordova; or, Grenada reconquered Dublin, printed for Messrs. P. Wogan, P. Byrne, J. Moore, W. Jones, and J. Rice 1793
Florian, Jean Pierre Claris de William Tell Concord, N.H. 1843
Foote, Samuel Commissary; a comedy in three acts, bound with The lame lover. New York, Longworth's stage, v. 39 1813
Foote, Samuel Lame lover; a comedy in three acts, bound with The Commisary New York, Longworth's stage, v. 39 1813
Foote, Samuel Liar, a farce in three acts New York, Longworth's Stage, v.40 1812
Foote, Samuel Memoirs
Forbes, William Memoirs of the life of Dr. James Beattie
Fordyce, James Sermons to young women London, printed for A. Millar, W. Law, and R. Cafer 1794
Formey, M. An ecclesiastical history from the birth of Christ to the present time, divided into centuries London, printed for R. Davis 1766
Forsyth, Joseph Remarks on Antiquities, Arts, and Letters ... Italy in the years 1802 and 1803 Boston 1818
Fox, Charles James History of the early part of the reign of James 2d 1765
Franklin, Benjamin Miscellaneous, and philosophical pieces London 1779
Franklin, Benjamin Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, ... diplomatic correspondence, ... private epistolary correspondence, pub. by his grandson, Wm. Temple Franklin Philadelphia 1809-1817
Franklin's Letters to his Kinfolk 1818-1820 Philadelphia 1822
Fraser, James History of Nadir Shah Emperor of Persia, to which is prefixed a short account of the Mogul Emperors London 1742 illus.
French, B.F. Beauties of Sir Walter Scott, and Thomas Moore, Esquire Philadelphia 1830
G, Miss The Packet
Gallatin, Albert Sketch of the Finances of the United States
Galt, John Annals of the Parish
Galt, John Rothelan:  a romance of English histories New York 1825
Galt, John Sir Andrew Wylie, of that ilk, a novel New York 1822
Gambado, Geoffrey Academy for Grown Horsemen
Ganganelli Interesting letters of Pope Clement XIV Dublin, printed by G. Draper 1793
Ganilh, Charles Inquiry into the various systems of political economy. By Charles Ganilh, advocate New York, published by Peter A. Meisier 1812
Garth, Sir Samuel Poetical Works of the life of the author Edinburg, at Apollo Press 1779
Gaskell, E.C. Life of Charlotte Bronte, in two vols. New York 1857
Gass, Patrick Journal of the Lewis and Clark expedition
Gast, John History of Greece London 1782
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Gifford History of the reign of Louis 16th...with notes ...
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Gleig, G.R. Subaltern's Log-Book New York 1829
Glenarvon in two vols. Philadelphia 1816
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Goguet Origins of Laws, Arts, and Sciences
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Goldsmith, Oliver Citizen of the World London 1790
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Goldsmith, Oliver Secret History of the Cabinet of Bonaparte
Goldsmith, Oliver Vicar of Wakefield
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Gordon Homilies of the Church of England, selected and rendered in a modern style
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Gratton Speeches in Parliament
Gray Poetical works
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Guide to Domestic Happiness, in a series of Letters London 1793
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Hajji Baba Adventures of Hajji Baba of Isphahan, in England New York 1828
Hale, Matthew Primitive Origin of Mankind considered
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Haller Baron Haller's letters to his daughter on the truths of the Christian Religion
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Hamilton, Elizabeth Series of popular essays Boston 1817
Hammond Elements of Algebra
Hammond, James Poetical works London, Bell 1787
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Haven, Joseph Mental Philosophy Boston 1866
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Hay Biography of celebrated ladies
Hay History of the Irish Insurrection in the County of Wexford
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Hayley, William Philsophical,  Historical and Moral Essay on Old Maids
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Heckford, William Succinct Account of all the Religions ... that have prevailed in the world, from the earliest account of time, to the present period London 1791
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Heister Compendium of Anatomy
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Hexade Medical Repository: 2nd
Hexade Medical Repository: Essays on medical and philosophical subjects, conducted by Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Miller and Dr. Smith, 1st
Hill, John Account of the Life and Writings of Hugh Blair Philadelphia, University of Edinburg 1808
Historical review of the Govt. of Pennsylvania
History of Ayder Ali Khan
History of British India in three vols. (Harper's Family Library;  [XLVII], XLVIII, XLVIX) New York 1832 maps
History of Matthew Wald New York 1824
History of Modern Greece from the London ed. Boston 1827
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History of the war between Great Britain and France from 1755 to 1763
History of Virginia, containing an account of its first settlement to the year 1706
Hitchcock, Enos Memoirs of the Bloomsgrove family
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Hobhouse, J.C. Journey through Albania Philadelphia 1817
Hobhouse, J.C. Letters written by an Englishman resident at Paris Philadelphia 1816
Hodgson, Rev, Robert Life of the right Rev. Porteus, late Bishop of London New York 1811
Hoffman Winter in the West, by a New-Yorker New York 1835
Hofland, Mrs. Farewell Tales New York
Hofland, Mrs. Father as He Should Be Philadelphia 1816
Hogan, Edmund Pennsylvania State Trials
Hogg, James Brownie of Bodsbeck and other tales New York 1818
Hogg, James Pilgrims of the Sun, a poem Philadelphia 1815
Hogg, James Queens's Wake; a legendary poem Baltimore 1815
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Hole, Richard Arthur, or the Northern Enchantment, a poetical Romance
Holford, Miss Wallace, or the Fight of Falkirk
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Home, Francis Clinical Experiments
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Homerus Odyssey, trans. by Alexander Pope 1845
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Hook, Theodore Edward Trial by jury: a comic piece, in two acts New York 1811
Hooker Ecclesiastical Politic 1661
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Horace Works, with the Original Text, and Critical Notes, from his best commentators, trans. by Philip Francis
Hordynski, Joseph History of the Late Polish revolution Boston 1833
Howard, Miss Married Life
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Hue Account of the last years of the reign and life of Louis 16th
Hughes, John Poetical Works and the life of the author Edinburg,at Apollo Press 1779
Humboldt Political Essay on New Spain
Humboldt, Alexander von Travels and researches, being a condensesd narrative by W. MacGillivray (Harper's Family Library; LIV) New York 1835
Hume, David History of England from the invasion of Julius Caesar to the revolution in 1688 London, printed for T. Cadell 1778
Hume, David and Smollett, Tobias History of England 18nn
Humphreys, David Miscellaneous works of Colonel Humphreys New York, printed by Hodge, Allen, and Campbell 1790
Hundred Greatest Men Portraits of the one hundred greatest men of history Longon, printed by W. Hunter, for Bernard Lintot 1879
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Hunt, Leigh Lord Byron and some of his contemporaries Philadelphia 1828
Hunter, William Travels in Turkey and Hungary, etc. London 1803
Hutchinson, Julius Memoirs ... Colonel Hutchinson, written by his widow Lucy London 1810
Hymns of Orpheus, trans. from the original Greek
I Says, Says I
Idle Man New York 1821-1822
Idumea : with a survey of Arabia and the Arabians Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Imlay, Gilbert Discovery, purchase and settlement of Kentucky, supplement to Imlay's desc. of the Western Terr. maps
Imlay, Gilbert Topographical description of the western territory of North America, including Kentucky New York, printed by Samuel Campbell 1793
Inchbald, Mrs. Elizabeth (Simpson) The midnight hour; a comedy in three acts New York, published by Longworth’s 1811
Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea and the Holy Land by an American New York 1837
Ingersoll, Charles Jared Inchiquin's letters during a late Residence in the United States
Irving, Washington Alhambra Philadelphia 1832
Irving, Washington Astoria, or anecdotes of an enterprise beyond the Rocky Mountains Philadelphia 1836
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Irving, Washington Bracebridge Hall, by Geoffrey Crayon, gent. Philadelphia 1831
Irving, Washington Crayon Miscellany, no. 2 Philadelphia 1835
Irving, Washington Knickerbocker's History of New York
Irving, Washington Knickerbocker's History of New York, seventh Am. ed. Philadelphia 1832
Irving, Washington Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, abridged New York 1829
Irving, Washington Salmagundi; or the Whim Whams and Opinions of Launcelot Longstaff New York 1820
Irving, Washington Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent. Philadelphia 1831
Irving, Washington Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, gent., complete in one volume 1871
Irving, Washington Strange Stories, by a nervous gentleman
Irving, Washington Tales of a Traveller, by Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Philadelphia 1832
Iwanowna ; or the maid of Moscow, a novel Philadelphia 1815
Jackson Journey over land, from India to England, in 1797, by an uncommon route between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, through Curdistan, Diarbekir, Armenia, Asia Minor, Etc.
Jackson, James Grey An account of the Empire of Morocco, and the District of Suse Philadelphia, printed for Francis Nichols Fry 1810 map
Jackson, Robert Treatise on the the Fevers of Jamaica
James, G.P.R. Atilla
James, G.P.R. Charles Tyrrell; or, the bitter blood New York 1839
James, Robert A Medicinal Dictionary, with a history of drugs London. T. Osborne 1743-1745
Jameson, Mrs. Memoirs of Celebrated female soverigns, in two vols. (Harper's Family Library; XXXIV) New York 1832
Jameson, Professor Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa New York 1831
Janney, Samuel M. Life of William Penn Philadelphia 1852
Janson, Charles William Stranger in America London, printed for J. Saunders 1807
Jefferson, Thomas Memoir, Correspondence, and Miscellanies of ... Thomas Jefferson.  Ed. by Thos. Jefferson Randolph Boston 1830
Jefferson, Thomas Notes on the State of Virginia (new edition) with appendixes
Jeffrey Altas of the whole continent of America
Jenkins Psyche of Today
Jenyn, Soame Works
Jevons, W. Stanley Logic (Science Primers) New York 1878
Johnson, C. Adventures of a Guinea
Johnson, S. Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia, a tale Frederick-Town 1810
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Johnson, Samuel Lives of the English Poets London 1794
Johnson, Samuel Preceptor, containing a general sourse of Polite Education
Johnson, Samuel Rambler London 1791
Johnson, Samuel Works London 1811
Johnson, Samuel Works. With an essay on his life and genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq. Dublin, printed for Luke White 1793
Johnston, Robert Travels through part of the Russian Empire and the Country of Poland New York 1816
Johnstone, Charles History of Arsaces, Prince of Betlis London, printed for T. Becket 1774
Jones, William, Sir Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Correspondence of Sir William Jones, by Lord Teignmouth Philadelphia 1805
Jones, William, Sir Works of Sir William Jones, by Lord Teignmouth London, printed for John Stockdale and John Walker 1807
Josephus, Flavius Whole genuine and complete works of Flavius Josephus New York, printed by W. Durell, for Bell and Smith 1799
Josephus, Flavius Works of Flavius Josephus, Cotta edition 1736
Josephus, Flavius Works, trans. by Roger L'Estrange Glasgow 1773
Josephus, Flavius Works, trans. by William Whiston Edinburgh 1793
Josephus, Flavius Works, trans. by William Whiston New York 1824
Josephus, Flavius Works, trans. by William Whiston Philadelphia 1829
Journal of a tour and residence in Great Britain by a French Traveller New York 1815
Journal of a tour in Italy, in the year 1821 by an American New York 1824
Journal of Congress;  containing their Proceedings from 5th September, 1774
Judson, Ann H. American Baptist Mission  ... Burmah Empire Washington City 1823
Julia de Roubigne
Juvenal Satires of Juvenal, trans. by Dryden
Juvenal Satires of Juvenal, trans. by Gifford
Kames, Henry Home, Lord Elements of Criticism Edinburgh 1788
Kames, Henry Home, Lord Elements of Criticism, 2nd Am. ed. Philadelphia 1816
Kames, Henry Home, Lord Gentleman Farmer, being an attempt to improve Agriculture Edinburgh 1815
Kames, Henry Home, Lord Sketches of the history of man, by Henry Home of Kames, new ed. in three vols. Edinburgh 1813
Kames, Henry Home, Lord Sketches of the history of man, by Henry Home, Lord Kaims Dublin, printed for The United Company of Booksellers 1775
Kane, Elisha Kent Grinnell Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin New York 1854
Keate, George Sketches from Nature
Keble's reports Reports in the court of Kings's Bench at Westminister from the XII to the XXX year of the reign ... King Charles II ... Joseph Keble 1685
Keith, A., Rev. Evidence of Prophecy New York, American Tract Society 18nn
Kelly, Hugh False delicacy: a comedy in five acts New York, Longworth's stage, v. 32 1809
Kendall, Edward A. Travels in the Eastern States
Kennedy, John P. Rob of the Bowl Philadelphia 1838
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Kenney, James Ella Rosenberg; a melodrama in two acts New York 1808
Keppel, George Journey from India to England, ... in the year 1824 Philadelphia 1827
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King, William The poetical works with the life of the author Edinburg, Apollo Press 1781
Kingsley, Charles Hypatia; or, New Foes with an Old Face New York
Kingston, W.H.G. Peter Trawl New York
Kinlow Letters from Geneva and France ...addressed to a Lady in Virginia by her Father Boston 1819
Kinneir, John MacDonald Geographical Memoir of the Persian Empire London 1813 no map
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Kirkland, Mrs. C.M. School-Girl's Garland, a selection of poetry New York 1864
Kirkman, James Thomas Memoirs of the life of Charles Macklin
Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb Memoirs of Frederick and Margaret Klopstock
Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb The Messiah, attempted from the German of Mr. Klopstock, by Joseph Collyer. In fifteen books New York 1795
Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb The Messiah, attempted from the German of Mr. Klopstock, by Joseph Collyer. In fifteen books, two vols Boston, published by John West 1811
Knight, Charles Half Hours with the Best Authors London 1850
Knowles, James D. Memoirs of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Late Missionary to Burmah Boston 1829 map
Knox, Samuel System of liberal education adapted to the genius and government of the United States
Knox, Vicesimus Elegant Extracts in Prose
Knox, Vicesimus Elegant Extracts in Verse
Knox, Vicesimus Essays, moral and literary New York, printed by T. Allen 1793
Knox, Vicesimus Spirit of Despotism
Knox, Vicesimus Winter evenings Dublin , printed for Messrs. Chamberlaine, Moncrieffe, White and others 1788
Knox, Vicesimus, editor Epistles, elegant, familiar, and instructive selected from the best writers, ancient as well as modern intended for the improvement of young persons and for general entertainment London, printed for Messrs. Rivington, Longman, Law and others 1791
Koch, Christopher William History of the Revolutions in Europe ..., 2 vols. in 1 Middletown 1835
Koster, Henry Travels in Brazil Philadelphia 1817
Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von Account of his exile into Siberia London 1802
Kotzebue, August Friedrich Ferdinand von Travels through Italy, in the years 1804 and 1805 London, printed for Richard Phillips, by T. Gillet 1806
Kotzebue, Moritz von Journey into Persia Philadelphia 1820
Krusenstern, A.J. von Voyage Round the World in the years 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806, 2 vols. in 1 London 1813 map
Krusinski History of the revolutions of Persia
L... Family in Washington Washington 1822
La Loubere, Simon de Historical Relation of the kingdom of Siam by Monsieur De La Loubere, 2 vols. in 1 London, printed by F. L. Bennet for Tho. HorneFrancis Saunders 1693 illus.
Lady Jane Gray an historical tale London 1791
LaFontaine, August H. Julius Village Pastor and His Children, A Novel New York, published by D. Longworth at the Dramatic Repository. Shakespeare Gallery 1810
Lamar, J.S. Organon of Scripture Philadelphia 1860
Lander, Richard and John Journal of an expedition to explore the course and termination of the Niger, in two vols. New York 1832 map
Landon, Miss Duty and Inclination: a novel in three vols. Philadelphia 1838
Landon, Miss Poetical works of Miss Landon Philadelphia 1841
Langhorne, John Correspondence of Theodosius and Constantia before and after her taking the veil, to which is added the Country Justice New York, James Oram 1802
Langhorne, John Letters supposed to have passed between M. de St. Evremond and Mr. Waller, First American ed. Baltimore, published by Coale & Thomas 1809
Lanseque, de Compendium of ancient and modern Geography translated from the French, in question and answer London 1791
Latrobe, C.I., Rev. Visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816 New York 1818
Laughton, George History of ancient Egypt by George Laughton London, T. Cadell 1774
Lavater Physiognomy; or the corresponding analogy between the conformation of the features and the ruling passions of the mind
Laverne, L.M.P. de Life of Field Marshall Souvarof, trans. from the French Baltimore 1814
Lavoisier, Antoine L Elements of chemistry, in a new systematic order, containing all the modern discoveries Philadelphia, printed for Matthew Carey 1813
Lawrence, Colonel Narrative of the War on the Coast of Coromandel...also other Indian narratives maps, illus.
Lawson History of Carolina
Le Noir, Mrs. Village Anecdotes London 1804
Le Vaillant, Francois Travels into the interior parts of Africa, by way of the Cape of Good Hope in the years 1780-85 London, printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1790 illus.
Leadbeater, Mary Cottage dialogues of the Irish Peasantry
Ledwich Antiquities of Ireland
Ledyard, John Life and travels of John Ledyard
Lee, Charles Memoirs of the life of the late Charles Lee, Esq. second in command in the service of the United States of America during the revolution New York, printed by T. Allen 1793
Lee, Harriet and Sophia Canterbury Tales by Sophia and Harriet Lee London, printed for G. and J. Robinson 1804
Lee, Harriet and Sophia Recess
Lee, Henry Life of Napoleon Bonaparte London 1837
Lee, Henry Memoirs of the war in the southern department of the United States Philadelphia, Bradford and Inskeep, Fry and Kammerer, printers 1812
Lee, Richard H. Lee Memoir of the Life of Richard Henry Lee, by his grandson, Richard H. Lee Philadelphia 1825
Lee, William H.F. Lee Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of William H.F. Lee Washington, GPO 1892
Legh, Thomas Narrative of a Journey in Egypt Philadelphia 1817
Leland, John Advantage and necessity of the Christian revelation, shown from the state of religion in the ancient heathen world. London, printed by W. Richardson and S. Clark 1764
Leland, John Sermons
Leland, Thomas, Dr. History of Ireland, from the invasion of Henry 2d, in 1172, to the capitulation of Limerick, in 1696
Lemaistre, J. G. Travels in France, Italy and Switzerland after the Peace of Amiens London 1806
Lemoine, H. Art of Speaking
Lempriere, J. Universal Biography ... eminent persons New York 1810
LeSage Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane, translated by Roderick Random London 1792
LeSage Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane, translated by Tobias Smollett New York 1814 rare
LeSage Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane Rouen 1780
LeSage Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane Paris 1876
Leslie, Professor Discovery and adventure the Polar seas and regions New York 1831 map
L'Estrange, Roger Seneca's morals
Letters addressed to Voltaire by certain Jews in Defense of the Old Testament
Letters from England, Ireland, and France
Letters from Scandinavia concerning the past and present State of the Northern Nations of Europe 1796
Lettsom, John C. Hints designed to promote beneficence, termperance, and medical science
Lever, Charles Con Cregan, the Irish Gil Blas Philadelphia
Lever, Charles Sir Brook Fosbrooke Boston
Lewis and Clarke's expedition up the Missouri and down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean
Lewis, Alethia Things by their right names
Lewis, Matthew Gregory Abaellino
Lewis, Matthew Gregory Alfonso; King of Castile: a tragedy in five acts New York, published by Longworth’s 1811
Lewis, Matthew Gregory One o’clock or, The knight and the wood-daemon: a grand musical romance in three acts New York, Longworth's stage, v. 39 1813
Lewis, Matthew Gregory Romantic Tales
Library Magazine of select foreign literature New York 1880
Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events Boston 1898-1899
Library of Poetry and Song with an introduction by William Cullen Bryant New York 1874
Life and adventures of Arthur Clenning Philadelphia 1828
Life and times of Charlemagne Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Life and times of Leo the Tenth Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Life in India : or, the English at Calcutta New York 1829
Life of Alfred the Great Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Life of John Kaspar Lavatar Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Life of Marianne
Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
Life's Last Hours Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Lind, James Treatise on the Scurvy
Lingard, John History of England, First American ed., from the last London ed. Philadelphia 1827
Lingard, John History of England, First American ed., from the last London ed. Philadelphia 1827
Linn, William Discourses on the Signs of the Times New York 1794
List of the officers in the British Army, for 1774
Literary Memoirs of Living Authors of Great Britain in two volumes London 1798
Literary Museum ; or, A Selection of Scarce Old Tracts London, printed for the Editor 1792
Lives and Voyages of early Navigators, Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier and history of the Bucaniers (Harper's Family Library; XXX) New York 1832
Living and the Dead by a Country Curate New York 1827
Llewellen or, the vale of Phlinlimmon, a novel Philadelphia 1819
Lobo, Jeronymo A voyage to Abyssinia by Father Jerome Lobo, continued down to the beginning of the eighteenth century with fifteen dissertations in various subjects London 1789
Locke, John Essay concerning human understanding London 1775
Locke, John Essay concerning human understanding, in two volumes New York, printed by Samuel Marks 1825
Locke, John Some thoughts concerning education Dublin 1778
Locke, John Two Treatises of government: the former by Robert Filmer, and the latter by John Locke Glasgow 1796
Lockhart, J.G. Peter's Letters to his kinsfolk, 2nd Am. ed. New York 1820
Logica Genevensis : or, a Fourth Check to Antinomianism Bristol,W. Pine 1772 inscribed: Samuel Adams His Book June the 6th 1777 ...
Lollards : a tale, founded on persecutions which marked the early part of the fifteenth century New Yordk 1822
London in Modern Times Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Longfellow, Henry Wadwworth Courtship of Miles Standish Boston 1859
Longinus, Dionysius Dionysii Longini de Sublimatate Commentarius
Longworth's British stage Volumes 1 to 41; located 15 volumes London, D. Longworth 1804-1813
Lothian, William The history of the United Provinces of the Netherlands from the death of Philip II, King of Spain, to the truce made with Albert & Isabelle Dublin, W. & H. Whitestone, Walker, Jenkins, E. Cross, White and Beatty 1780
Lounger's Commonplace Book 2 vols. in 1 London 1796
Lover, Samuel Poetical works of Samuel Lover London
Lowrie, John C. Two Years in Upper India New York 1850 map
Lucanus, Marcus A. Lucan’s Pharsalia; translated into English verse by Nicholas Rowe London, printed for F. and R. Tonson and S. Draper 1753
Luxborough, Henrietta (Saint-John) Letters written by the late Right Honourable Lady Luxborough, to William Shenstone, esq. Dublin 1776
Lynch, W.F. Narrative of the United States' Expedition to the River Jordan Philadelphia 1852 maps, illus.
Lyster, Annette Soldier's Son New York
Lyttelton, George Lord Dialogues of the Dead, in imitation of Lucian
Lyttelton, George Lord Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton
Lyttelton, George Lord Poetical works London, Bell 1788
Lyttelton, George Lord Works of; formerly printed separately, collected together with some other pieces never before printed London, printed
for J. Dodsley in Pall Mall
Macaulay, T. Babington Critical and Miscellaneous Essays New York 1856
Macaulay, T. Babington Miscellaneous Writings
MacFarlane, Charles Armenians, a tale of Constantinople Philadelphia 1830
MacGowan, John Life of Jospeh, the son of Israel. In eight books Philadelphia, printed by Thomas Dobson 1795
Mackay, Samuel Campaigns of the armies of France, in Prussia, Saxony, and Poland, under the command of His Majesty the Emperor and King, in 1806 and 1807, 4 vols. in 1 Boston, Farrand
MacKenzie, A.S. Spain Revisited New York 1836
MacKenzie, A.S. Year in Spain, by a young American Boston 1829
MacKenzie, Alexander Voyages from Montreal to the Northern and Pacific Oceans
MacKenzie, Henry Man of Feeling
MacKintosh, James Cabinet History of England, Scotland, and Ireland:  Scotland, Vols. 1,2 Philadelphia 1830
MacKnight, James Translation of the Apostolic Epistles Boston 1810 Spine of v.1 marked: 3; of v.6:2
MacNally, Leonard Robin Hood; or, Sherwood Forest, a comic opera New York, Longworth's stage, v. 32 1784
Macneill, Hector Poetical Works of Hector Macneill
Macneill, Hector Scottish Adventurers
Macpherson, James Poems of Ossian Boston 1850
Macpherson, James Poems of Ossian; translated ... dissertations ... review of the recent controversy ... with engravings on wood by Anderson. New York, printed
for Ezra Sargeant, Broadway
1810 replaces 1801 entry?
Madden, R.R. Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine Philadelphia 1830
Maillet, Benoit de Tellimed; or, Discourses between an Indian philosopher, and a French missionary, on the diminution of the sea, the formation of the earth, the origin of men and animals London, printed
for Jacob Loyseau
Maitland, James (Earl of Lauderdale) Nature and Origin of Public Wealth
Mallet Poetical works
Malthus, T. R. Essay on the Principle of Population
Man As He Is London 1796
Manners a novel
Mariti, Giovanni Travels through Cyprus, Syria, and Palestine, with a general history of the Levant London, printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson 1791-1792.
Marmontel, Jean Francois Belisaire
Marmontel, Jean Francois Incas
Marmontel, Jean Francois Memoirs, First American Ed. Philadelphia 1807
Marmontel, Jean Francois Moral Tales
Marmontel, Jean Francois Tales, trans. from the French: Tales of an Evening and the Honest Breton Dublin 1792
Marshall, John Life of George Washington Philadelphia 1804-1807
Marteilhe, Jean Huguenot Galley-Slave New York 1867
Martin, Benjamin Philisophia Britannica: or New and Comprehensive System of the Newtonian Philosophy London 1788 copious copperplate fold-out illus.
Martin, Benjamin Young Gentleman and Lady's Philosophy of nature and art London 1762 copperplate fold-out illus.
Massinger, Philip Dramatick Works London 1779
Massinger, Philip Plays London 1805
Massinger, Philip Plays of Philip Massinger, adapted for family reading (Harper's Family Library. Dramatic Series; III) New York 1831
Matthews, John Divine Purpose Displayed Philadelphia 1843
Matthisson, Friedrich von Letters written from various parts of the continent, between the years 1785 and 1794 London, printed for T. N. Longman and O. Rees 1799
Maturin, Charles Robert Milesian chief, by the author of Montorio, by Dennis Jasper Murphy (pseud.) Dublin 1811
Maturin, Charles Robert Wild Irish Boy by Dennis Jasper Murphy (pseud.) New York, printed for E. Sargeant 1808
Maundrell, Henry A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem; at Easter, AD 1697 Oxford, printed for W. Meadows 1749 illus.
Mavor, William Historical account of Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels and more from time of Columbus to the present year Philadelphia, published by Samuel G. Bradford 1802-1803 plates
Mawe, John Travels in the Interior of Brazil, particularly in the gold and diamond districts Philadelphia 1816 illus.
Mayo, Robert New System of Mythology, ... account of the idolatry of the pagan world Philadelphia 1815
McCrie, Thomas Life of John Knox containing illustrations of the history of the reformation in Scotland New York, published by Eastburn, Kirk 1813
McIntosh Remarks on a tour through the different countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa, … characters, customs, manners and laws, …with a proposed and well digested system, … for the improvement and better government of their possessions Dublin, printed by J. Jones 1786
Meare, John Voyage from China to the N.W. Coast of America
Mease, James Archive of useful knowledge Philadelphia 1812
Mease, James Picture of Philadelphia
Mease, James, M.D. Work devoted to commerce, agriculture and the useful arts Philadelphia, published by David Hogen 1807
Meaux, L'Eveque de Suite de L'Histoire Universelle Paris 1771
Medical Observations and Inquiries; by a society of physicians in London
Medwin, Thomas Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron New York 1824
Meikle, James Traveller; or, meditations on various subjects New York 1813
Meilan, Mark Anthony Friend of youth consisting of stories, dialogues, and moral dramas, partly translated and other writers and partly original London, T. Hookman, printer 1788
Melincourt by the author of Headlong Hall Philadelphia 1817
Mellish, John Travels in the United States of America, in the years 1806 and 1807 and 1809, 1810 & 1811. An Account of Passages between America and Britain and Travels Throughout various parts of Great Britain, Ireland and Upper Canada Philadelphia 1812 maps
Memoirs of a life spent Chiefly in Pennsylvania
Memoirs of Distinguished Women
Memoirs of Pope Pius 6th
Memoirs of the Cardinal de Retz trans. from the French Philadelphia 1817
Mercier Memoirs of the year 2,500
Mercier The Nightcap Dublin, printed for Messrs. Wilson et al. 1786
Metastasio, Pietro, Abbe Dramas and other poems, translated by John Hoole London 1800
Michaux, Francois Travels Westward of the Allegany
Middleton, Conyers Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero Boston 1818
Military Mentor : being a series of letters recently written by a general officer to his son
Miller, Philip Gardener's Dictionary London 17nn rare
Miller, Samuel Brief Retrospect of the 18th century New York 1803
Milman, H.H., Rev. Belshazzar: a dramatic poem Boston 1822
Milner, Thomas, Rev. Gallery of Nature: pictorial and descriptive tour through creation London 1852 plates
Milton, John Poetical works ... from the text of Dr. Newton in four volumes; life of the author and critique on Paradise Lost by Joseph Addison London, J. Bell 1778
Miscellaneous Tracts - Carey, Helmuth
Miscellaneous Tracts - Fitzpatrick, James, Browning
Mitchell, J. Shorthand without pen and ink London 1784
Mitford, Mary Recollections of a literary life New York 1851
Modern British Essayists Lord Jeffrey Philadelphia 1852
Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin Works of Moliere translated by H. Baker and J. Miller Glasgow printed by Robert Urie and sold by John Gilmour 1751
Molina, J. Ignatius Geographical, Natural and Civil History of Chili  [Chile] Middletown 1808
Montagu, Edward Wortley Memoirs of E.M.Montague (son of lady Mary W. Montague) with observations on the manners of the Oriental World
Montagu, Edward Wortley Rise and Fall of the ancient republics Philadelphia 1806
Montagu, Lady Mary P. Wortley Works of the Right Hon. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Published by permission, from her genuine papers. Edited, with a memoir of the author by James Dallaway London, R. Phillips 1803 maps
Montague, Mrs. E. Letters of Mrs. Elizabeth Montague New York 1810
Montefiore, Joshua Commercial Dictionary
Montesquieu, M. Works complete
Montgomery, James Poetical works
Montgomery, James Wanderer of Switzerland New York 1807
Montgomery, James West Indies, by James Montgomery and other poems on the abolition of the slave-trade, by James Grahame, and E. Benger New York, published by Prior & Dunning; J. Seymour, printer 1810
Monthly Military Repository Extracts from European Military Works of Merit
Moore Poetical works
Moore, John Edward.  Various views of human nature, taken from life and manners, chiefly in England. Printed by W. Durell, for Napthali Judah New York 1798
Moore, John Journal during a residence in France, from the beginning of August to the middle of December, 1792 London 1794
Moore, John Mordaunt
Moore, John View of society and manners in a Tour through France, Switzerland, and Germany
Moore, John View of society and manners in Italy ... relating to some eminent characters London 1781
Moore, John View of the causes and progress of the French Revolution Dublin, printed for J. John, J. Halpin, R. M. Butler and others 1795
Moore, John Zeluco
Moore, T.G. Batchelor
Moore, Thomas Irish Melodies New York 1848
Moore, Thomas Lalla Rookh New York 1867
Moore, Thomas Poetical works of Thomas Moore Philadelphia
More, Hannah Essay on ... Saint Paul, 2 vols. in 1 Boston 1815
More, Hannah Sacred Dramas, chiefly intended for young persons
More, Hannah Works of Hannah More, in eight volumes, including several pieces never before published London, printed by
 A. Strahan
Moreau, Elise Fille du Macon Tours 1847 inscribed to Miss E.C. McKnight
Morgan, Sydney Florence Macarthy, an Irish Tale New York 1819
Morgan, Sydney Italy New York 1821
Morgan, Sydney O'Donnel, A national tale by Lady Morgan, 3 vols. in 2 New York, printed by Van Winkler and Wiley 1814
Morier, James, Esq. Journey Through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constantinople, in the years 1808 and 1809 Philadelphia,
M. Carey & Son
1816 engravings
Morier, James, Esq. Second Journey through Persia, Amenia, and Asia Minor to Constantinople ... 1810 and 1812 London 1818 maps, col. plates
Morrell, Abby Jane Narrative of a voyage to the .. ocean ... New York 1833
Morse, Jedidiah American universal geography; or, A view of the present state of all the empires, kingdoms, states, and republics in the known world and of the United States of America in particular. Published according to Act of Congress Boston, Young and Etheridge, Thomas and Andrews 1793 maps
Morton, Thomas A cure for the heart ache New York, Longworth's stage, v. 39 1813
Mosheim, John Lawrence An ecclesiastical history, ancient and modern from the birth of Christ to the beginning of the eighteenth century by the late learned John Lawrence Mosheim London, published by Vernor & Hood 1803 maps
Motley, John Lothrop Rise of the Dutch Republic New York 1858
Motley, John Lothrop Rise of the Dutch Republic New York 1860
Mr. Rutherford's children New York 1855
Mrs. Herbert and the Villagers in two volumes Dublin 1834
Mudford, William Memoirs of prince Eugene of Savoy, trans. by Mudford
Muir, James Examination of Paine's Age of Reason
Murgatroyd, Matthew Refugee, a romance New York 1825
Murphy, Arthur Life of David Garrick
Murphy, Edward Select Dialogues of Lucian New York 1818
Murray, Amelia M. Letters from the United States, Cuba and Canada New York 1856
Murray, Hugh Pictorial History of the United States of America Boston 1855
Murray, Hugh Swiss Emigrants: a tale London 1804
Murray, Judith Sargent Story of Margaretta
Murray, Judith Sargent The Gleaner. A miscellaneous production. Published according to Act of Congress Boston, I. Thomas and E. T. Andrews 1798
Murray, Lindley The power of religion on the mind, in retirement, affliction, and at the approach of death 1823
Murry, Ann Mentoria, the Young Ladies Instructor, or Young Lady's Friend London 1787
My Pocket Book Cutter?   Knight Errant?
Mycherley, Wlliam The dramatic works of William Mycherley London, J. Rivington 1764
Nature Delineated; or philosophical Conversations, in which the wonderful Works of Providence  ... laid open, ...and whatever is curious in Mathematics explained London 1760 illus.
Nelson Memoirs of Lord Viscount Nelson
Nettleton, Asahel Village Hymns for Social Worship New York 1831
Neuman, Henry New Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages:  v.1 Spanish and English; v.2 Ingles y Espanol Philadelphia 1823
Newton, Isaac, Sir Chronology of ancient kingdoms amended
Newton, John Letters and Sermons Philadelphia 1865
Newton, John Letters of a wife Philadelphia 1814
Newton, John Messiah: fifty expository discourses ...oratorio of Handel Philadelphia 1812
Newton, John Olney Hymns Philadelphia 1812
Newton, John Posthumous works Philadelphia 1813
Newton, Thomas Dissertations on the prophecies which have remarkably been fulfilled, and at this time are fulfilling in the world New York 1784
Newton, Thomas Works of the Reverend Thomas Newton (Bishop of Bristol) London, printed for John Francis and Charles Rivington 1785
Nicholson Introduction to Natural Philosophy
Nicholson, Peter Dictionary of the Science and Practice of Architecture, Building, Carpentry, Etc. New York
Niebuhr, M. [Casten] Travels through Arabia in 1761, and other countries, performed by the author Edinburg, printed for R. Robinson and Son, booksellers 1792 maps
Nineveh and the Tigris Philadelphia, American Sunday-School Union 18nn
Noah, Mordecai M. Travels in England, France, Spain, and the Barbary States New York 1819 ill.
Nodier, Charles Promenade from Dieppe to the montains of Scotland Edinburgh 1822
Northcote, James Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds Philadelphia 1817
Northern Traveller ; contining the routes to Niagara, Quebec, and the Springs New York 1826
Notes on Mexico made in the autumn of 1822, by a citizen of the United States Philadelphia 1824
Notions of the Americans ; picked up by a travelling bachelor Philadelphia 1828
Nouveau Dictionnaire v.1 Allemand - Francois; v.2 Francois - Allemand Strasbourg 1781
Novels Unk
Oakendale Abbey
Observations on a variety of subjects 17nn
Ocean spiritually reviewed London 1831
Oddy, J. J. European Commerce
O'Gallagher, Felix Essay on the investigation of the first principles of nature together with the application to solve the events of the physical system London 1784
Ogilvie, John Poems Dublin 1769
O'Keefe, John The highland reel: a comic opera in three acts. First published in Boston, 1797, and in London, 1798 New York,
Longworth's stage, v. 39
Old English Baron
O'Leary Apology for the Catholics of Ireland
Oliver Travels in the Ottoman Empire
O'Meara, Barry E. Napoleon in Exile; or, Voice from St. Helena Philadelphia 1822
Opie, Mrs. Adeline Mowbray
Opie, Mrs. Father and Daughter
Opie, Mrs. Madeline 18nn
Opie, Mrs. Simple Tales
Opie, Mrs. Temper, or Domestic Scenes
Original Anecdotes of Frederick the Great
Orrery, Lord Observations upon Lord Orrery's Remarks on ... Jonathan Swift London 1754
Ouida Strathmore, or Wrought by His Own Hand Philadelphia 1867
Ouseley, Gideon Old Christianity Philadelphia 1845
Outline of the Revolution in Spanish America by a South-American New York 1817
Ovid Art of Love, trans. by Mr. Dryden 17nn
Owen, John History of the ...British and Foreign Bible Society New York 1817
Owen, John Travels into different parts of Europe in the years 1791 and 1792 London, printed by
T. Cadell and W. Davis
Owen, Robert New View of Society, First American from Third London ed. New York 1825
Owenson, Sydney Ida of Athens
Owenson, Sydney Law of an Irish Harp
Owenson, Sydney Missionary
Owenson, Sydney Novice of St. Dominick
Owenson, Sydney Patriotic Sketches of Ireland
Owenson, Sydney St. Clair Philadelphia 1807
Owenson, Sydney Wild Irish Girl
Paine Political writings
Paine, R. T. Works
Paired, Not Matched
Paley, William Principles of Moral and Political Philsophy Theology, 9th ed. London 1743
Paley, William View of the Evidences of Christianity New York
Pardoe, Miss Epidsodes of French History New York 1859
Paris as it was and as it is (in 1805)
Park   System of the Law of Marine Insurances
Park, Mungo Journal of a mission to the interior of Africa ... 1805 Philadelphia 1815 map, col.
Park, Mungo Travels in the interior districts of Africa ... under the direction and patronage of the African Association, in 1795, 1796 and 1797 Philadelphia 1800
Parnell, Thomas Poetical works London 1786
Pascal, Blaise Provincial Letters, translated from the French London 1816
Path to Christian Perfection
Patience and Perseverence
Paulding, James Kirke Opinions New York 1820
Pearce, Zacharias Sermons (Bishop of Rochester) London 1724
Pen Owen in two volumes New York 1822
Penn, William Works, in five volumes London 1782
Pennington, M. Memoirs of the life of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, with a new edition of her poems, by the Rev. M. Pennington London, printed
for J. Rivington
Percy, Sholto and Reuben Percy Anecdotes, original and select London, printed for T. Boys 1822
Percy, Thomas Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, fifth ed. London 1812
Percy, Thomas Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, new ed. London 1865
Philadelphia Directory for 1793
Philadelphia Library Catalogue
Philippart, John Life and campaigns of Victor Moreau, by an officer of the staff New York 1806
Philippart, John Memoirs and campaigns of Charles John, Prince Royal of Sweden Baltimore 1815
Philippart, John Memoirs of General Moreau ... seige of Kehl Philadelphia 1816 map
Philips, A. Poetical works
Philips, John The poetical works of John Philips with the life of the author Edinburg, Apollo Press 1781
Phillip, Arthur Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany Bay, 3rd ed. London 1818 illus.
Phillips, Charles Emerald isle: a poem embellished with a full length portrait of Brian, King of Ireland New York, published by James Eastburn 1813
Phillips, Charles Speeches, in Ireland and England New York 1817
Phillips, J. General History of Inland Navigation London 1803
Picture of Liverpool with a map of the town
Pierpont, John Airs of Palestine, a poem Baltimore 1816
Pike, Zebulon Montgomery Lieutenant Pike's Expedition thro Louisiana to New Spain
Pilkington, Matthew General Dictionary of Painters, in two volumes London 1829
Pinckard, George Notes on the West Indies London 1806
Pindar Odes of Pindar, ... dissertation ... some poems by Gilbert West London 1766
Pindar, Peter The works of Peter Pindar with a copious index to which is prefixed some account of his life, by John Wolcott Boston, published
by Charles Williams, sold by A. Lyman and Co.
Pinkerton, John General Collection of Voyages and Travels Philadelphia 1810 illus.
Pinkerton, John Modern geography (the article America by Dr. Barton, of Philadelphia) Philadelphia, John
Conrad; H. Maxwell, printer
Pinkerton, John Recollections of Paris in 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805
Pitt, Christopher Poetical Works of the author Edinburg, at Apollo Press 1782
Pitt, William Anecdotes of the life of William Pitt, late Earl of Chatham, with the principal events of his time, and his speeches in Parliament, from 1736 to 1778
Pitt, William Speeches of ... William Pitt London 1817
Plain Sense : or, the history of Henry Villars and Ellen Mordaunt Philadelphia 1799
Planta, Joseph The history of the Helvetic Confederacy London, printed for John Stockdale, by W. Bulmer 1800
Playfair Inquiry into the permanent causes of the Decline and fall of powerful and wealthy nations
Playfair, William History of Jacobinism Philadelphia 1796
Plays selected from Celebrated Authors Vol. 4 The Gamester by Edward Moore
Plescheef, Sergey Survey of Russian Empire
Plinius, Caecilius Secundus C. Letters of Pliny the Consul with occasional remarks, trans. by Melmoth London 1805
Plowden, Francis Historical review of the state of Ireland from the invasion of that country under Henry II to its union with Great Britain on the first of January 1801 Philadelphia, printed and published by William F. M’Laughlin and Bartholomew Graves 1805-1806
Plowden, Francis Short History of the British Empire, from May 1792 to December 1793 1794
Plunket, Mrs. Exile of Erin
Plutarchus Plutarch's Lives, trans. by Langhorne
Pococke, Richard Travels: a description of the East London, printed for the author, by W. Bowyer, and sold by J. and P. Knapton and others 1743-1745 illus.
Poetical Register ; or, the lives and characters of all the English Poets London 1723
Poetical Works of Rogers, Campbell, J. Montgomery, Lamb and Kirke White, complete in one vol. Philadelphia 1831
Political Tracts 12 volumes
Pomfret, John The poetical works of John Pomfret to which is prefixed the life of the author London, printed under the direction of J. Bell 1787
Pons, Francois Raymond Joseph de, 1751-1812 A voyage to the Eastern part of Terra Firma, or the Spanish Main, in South America, during the years 1801-1804 New York, I. Riley and Co. 1806
Pope, Alexander Poetical works
Pope, Alexander Works of Alexander Pope Esq. London 1746
Pope, Alexander Works, in three vols. Philadelphia 1819
Porcupine's works Volume I Philadelphia 17nn
Porter, David Journal of a cruise made to the Pacific Ocean, by Captain David Porter in the years 1812, 1813, and 1814 Philadelphia 1815 illus.
Porter, Jane Don Sebastian
Porter, Jane Hungarian Brothers
Porter, Jane Lake of Killarney
Porter, Jane Scottish Chiefs
Porter, Jane Thaddeus of Warsaw
Porter, Miss A. M. Recluse of Norway
Porter, Robert Ker Narrative of the Campaign in Russia during the year 1812 Baltimore 1814
Porter, Robert Ker Travelling Sketches in Russia and Sweden Philadelphia 1809
Port-Royal Grammarians Greek Grammar
Postlethwaite, Malachy Universal Dictionary of Trade and Commerce, Third Ed. London 1766
Potter Antiquities of Greece
Pratt, Samuel Jackson Emma Corbett. 6th ed. Newbury-Port Mass. Printed by John Mycall, for Ebenezer Battelle and William Green, Boston 1786
Pratt, Samuel Jackson Gleanings in England 1801-1803
Pratt, Samuel Jackson Gleanings through Wales, Holland, and Westphalia, sixth ed. London, printed for T.N. Longman, and O. Rees 1802
Pratt, Samuel Jackson Poor: Or Bread
Prescott, William H. History of the Conquest of Mexico, eighth ed. New York 1848
Preventive Policy
Price, Richard Observations on the American Revolution
Price, Richard Sermons on the Christian doctrine as received by the different demoniations of Christians Dublin 1788
Prideaux, Humphrey The Old and New Testament connected in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations, from the declension of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of Christ London, printed for R. Knaplock, and J. Tonson 1717
Priestley, Joseph Heads of Lectures on a course ... chemistry London 1794
Priestley, Joseph Memoirs of Dr. Joseph Priestley to the year 1795 written by himself New York 1806
Prior, &c. Works of British Poets, by Ezekial Sanford, v.15 Philadelphia 1819
Prior, Matthew The poetical works of Matthew Prior with the life of the author Edinburg, Apollo Press 1784
Provost New York 1822
Public characters London, printed for Richard Phillips, by T. Gillet, and sold by Thomas Hurst, Carpenter, John Ginger, E. Balfour and others 1799-1809
Puckler-Muskau, Hermann Tutti Frutti, trans. from the German by Edmund Spencer New York 1834
Pullein, Samuel Culture of Silk London 1758 illus.
Punch Our Honeymoon, and other comicalities, from "Punch" New York 1854
Pursuits of Literature , a satirical poem in four dialogues Philadelphia 1800
Quincy, Josiah Memoir of the Life of Josiah Quincy Jun., by his son Josiah Quincy Boston, Cummings, Hilliard & Company 1825
Radcliffe, Ann (Ward) Journey made in the summer of 1794, through Holland and the western frontier of Germany, with a return down the Rhine to which are added, observations during a tour to the Lakes of Lancashive, Westmoreland, and Cumberland Dublin: printed by William Potter 1795
Radcliffe, Ann (Ward) Mysteries of Udolpho
Radcliffe, Ann (Ward) The Italian
Raff, Georg Christian System of Natural history adapted for the Instruction of youth, in the form of a dialogue London 1796
Raffles, Thomas Letters .. France, Savoy, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands New York 1818
Ramble in Germany Boston 1827
Rambles in Italy by an American Baltimore 1818
Ramsay, Allan Poems London, printed for A. Millar, J. Rivington, W. Johnston, and T. Becket 1761
Ramsay, David History of South Carolina
Ramsay, David History of the American Revolution, 2 v. in 1. Dublin 1793
Ramsay, David Life of Washington
Ramsay, David Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Martha L. Ramsay
Ranlett, William H. Architect, a series of original designs, for domestic and ornamental cottages and villas ... adapted to the United States, Vol. II New York 1849
Rapin-Thoyras, Paul de History of England by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras cont. ... from revolution to the acc. of King George II by N. Tindall Dublin, printed for
George and Alexander Ewing
Ray, John Wisdom of God, manifested in the works of Creation London 1759
Raynal, Guillaume T. F. Philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies London, printed
for W. Sharar
1788 maps
Reade, Charles Griffith Gaunt New York 1871
Reade, Charles Put Yourself in His Place New York 1870
Recollections of the Peninsula Philadelphia 1824
Reeve, Clara Plans of education with remarks on the systems of other writers in a series of letters between Mrs. Darnford and her friends London, printed
for T. Hookham and J. Carpenter
Reeves, John History of the English Law London 1814
Reeves, John History of the law of shipping and navigation. By John Reeves London, printed
for E. and R. Brooke
Reformation Philadelphia,
American Sunday-School Union
Reid Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense
Reide, Thomas Staff Officer's Manual London 1806
Remarks on various topics
Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain from the Poor Law Commissioners London 1842 illus.
Resources of Russia ; in the event of a war with France, 2nd. ed. Boston 1813
Richardson, Samuel History of Sir Charles Grandison; in a series of letters. 8th ed. London, printed
for T. Longman, J. Johnson, G.G. and J. Robinson and others
Richardson, Samuel Pamela; in a series of familiar letters from a beautiful young damsel to her parents London 1791
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Ring, Max John Milton and his times New York 1868
Ritter, Carl Comparative Geography, trans. for the use of schools and colleges by William L. Gage Philadelphia 1865
Robbins, Archibald Journal of the Brig Commerce ... Africa ... Wandering Arabs Hartford 1833 maps
Roberson History of North America, books 9th and 10th, containing history of Virginia to the year 1688 and that of New England to the year 1652
Roberts, Job Pennsylvania Farmer, selection of ... treatises on husbandry ... Philadelphia 1804
Robertson History of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and King James 6th, ... review of Scottish history
Robertson, William Historical Disquisition concerning the knowledge which the Ancients had of India Dublin 1791 maps
Robertson, William History of America London, printed
for W. Strahan, T. Cadell, in the Strand; and J. Balfour at Edinburgh
Robertson, William History of the reign of Emperor Charles V London, printed
for C. Cabell in the Strand
Robertson, William History of the reign of Emperor Charles V, complete in one volume New York 1830
Robinson, Conway Account of discoveries in the West until 1519 ... voyages .. Atlantic coast of North America Richmond 1848
Robinson, Mary Walsingham; or the pupil of nature Dublin 1798
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Robison Proof of a Conspiracy against all Religions and Governments in Europe New York 1798
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Children of the Abbey
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Clermont
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Discarded Sea
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Nocturnal Visit
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Osma and Almeria
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Trecothick Bower; or the Lady of the West Country Philadelphia 1816
Roche, Mrs. Regina Maria (Dalton) Vicar of Landsdowne; or, Country quarters Printed by W.
Rochon, Abbe Voyage to the Island of Madagascar, with a Memoir on the Chinese Trade by Brunel London 1743
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Rollin, Charles Ancient history of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians, twelfth ed. Boston,published
& sold by Hastings, Etheridge & Bliss; printed by S. Etheridge, Charlestown, Mass.
Rollin, Charles Ancient history of the Egyptians, etc. New York 1828
Rollin, Charles History of the arts and sciences of the antients, translated from the French London, printed
for John and Paul Knapton
1737 illus.
Romance of the Pyrenees
Rome in the Nineteenth Century First American, from Fourth Edinburgh ed. New York 1827
Rosa, or American Genius
Roscoe, William Life and pontificate of Leo the Tenth Philadelphia,
printed at the Lorenzo Press of E. Bronson
Roscoe, William Life of Lorenzo de’ Medici, called the Magnificant Philadelphia,
printed for Bronson & Chauncey
Rose and Emily
Rousseau, Jean Jacques An inquiry into the nature of the social contract, or principles of political right. Translated from the French Dublin, printed by
B. Smith for William Jones
Rousseau, Jean Jacques Confessions
Rowe, Mrs. Elizabeth Singer Friendship in death, in letters from the dead to the living to which are added letters moral and entertaining in prose and verse, vol. 10 of Sacred Classics Philadelphia,
published by B. Kite
Rowe, Nicholas The poetical works of Nicholas Rowe, with the life of the author Edinburg,
Apollo Press
Rowlands, Henry Mona antiqua restaurata. An archaeological discourse on the antiquities, natural and historical of the Isle of Anglesey, the ancient seat of the British Druids Dublin, printed by
Aaron Rhames, for Robert Owen
Rowson, Susanna Haswell Trials of the human heart, a novel, 4 v. in 2. Philadelphia,
printed for the author by Wrigley & Berriman, sold by Messrs. Carey, Rice, Campbell Ormrod, Young and the author
Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris Accounts and Extracts of the Manuscripts in the Library of the late King of France
Ruffhead, Owen Life of Alexander Pope London 1769
Rumford, Benjamin Thompson, count Essays, political, economical, and philosophical. 1st American from the 3rd London ed. Boston, printed
by Manning and Loring, for David West
Rush, Benjamin Essays, literary, moral and philosophical, 2nd ed. Philadelphia,
printed by Thomas and William Bradford
Rush, Benjamin Inquiry into the Diseases of the Mind
Rush, Richard Memoranda of a residence at the Court of London Philadelphia 1833
Russell, Michael Palestine, or the Holy Land New York 1832 map
Russell, Michael View of Ancient and Modern Egypt New York 1842 map
Russell, Richard Treatise on the Use of Sea water in Diseases of the Glands
Russell, William History of Ancient Europe, with a view of the revolutions in Asia and Africa in a series of letters to a young nobleman London, printed
for G. G. J. and J. Robinson
Russell, William History of Modern Europe, with an account of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire…to the Peace of Paris, in 1763. A new ed. Carefully corrected London, printed
for G.G.J. and J. Robinson, and A. Hamilton
Ryan, Michael Inquiry into the Nature, Causes & Cure of Consumption of the Lungs
Sailor's Friendships and a Soldier's Love, first American Ed., 2 vols. in 1 Baltimore 1810
Saint Patrick : a national tale of the fifth century, in three volumes Edinburgh 1819
Saint-Fond, Barthelemy Faujas de Travels in England, Scotland, and the Hebrides; undertaken for the purpose of examining the state of the arts, the sciences, natural history and manners in Great Britain London, printed
for James Ridgway
1799 illus.
Saint-Pierre, Jacques Henri Bernardin de Paul and Mary, an Indian story Dublin, printed for
P. Byrne, Grubber, McAlister et al
Sale, George Alcoran of Mohammed (The Koran), trans. by George Sale
Sallust Sallust's Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline, with English commentary, by Charles Anthon New York 1845 autographed by Henry Janney
Salt, Henry Voyage to Abyssinia Philadelphia 1816
Salzmann, Christian G. Elements of Morality, for the use of children Philadelphia,
printed by J. Hoff
Sampson, William Memoirs of William Sampson
Samson, Joseph Letters from Europe, during a tour through Switzerland and Italy, in the years 1801 and 1802 Philadelphia,
printed for the author by A. Bartram, and sold by T. Dobson
Santo Sebastian the young Protector
Sargent, Lucius M. Hubert and Ellen, with other Poems Boston 1813
Sarrazin, General History of the War in Spain and Portugal Philadelphia 1815
Satchell, John Thornton Abbey
Sauer, Martin Narrative of Billings Expedition to the North Eastern Parts of Russia in 1794
Saugnier Voyages to the coast of Africa, by Messrs. Saugnier and Brisson; … shipwreck on board different vessels, and subsequent slavery, … manners of the Arabs of the desert, … the slave trade, as carried on at Senegal and Galam … map of Africa London, G. G. J.
and J. Robinson
Saunders Journal of his shipwreck, travels and sufferings on the coast of Arabia Felix, in 1792
Savage, Richard Poetical Works Edinburg,
Apollo Press
Savary, Claude E. Letters on Greece, a sequel to Letters on Egypt Dublin, printed for
Messrs. L. White, P. Byrne, J. Moore, & B. Domin
Savery, Claude E. Letters on Egypt containing a parallel between the manners of its ancient and modern inhabitants London, G. G. J.
and J. Robinson
Say, Jean-Baptiste Catechism of Political Economy, trans. from the French Philadelphia 1817
Sayings and Doings ; or Sketches from Life Philadelphia 1824
Sayings and Doings ; or Sketches from Life, Second series Philadelphia 1825
Says She to her neighbors, What?
Scapulae, Johann Lexicon Graeco-Latinum novum: in quo ex primitivorum & simplicium fontibus derivata atque composita Basileae, apud
Henric Petrinos
Scenes and impressions in Egypt and in Italy second ed. London 1825
Schiller, Frederick Piccolomini, ... a drama, trans. from the German London 1800
Schultz Travels in the United States
Scott, John Paris Revisited in 1815 Boston 1816
Scott, Sir Walter Abbot
Scott, Sir Walter Abbot
Scott, Sir Walter Anne of Geierstein New York 1829
Scott, Sir Walter Antiquary
Scott, Sir Walter Chronicles of the Canongate, in two vols. Philadelphia 1827
Scott, Sir Walter Country Neighbours
Scott, Sir Walter Critical Essays; with an Account of his Life and Writings by Hoole
Scott, Sir Walter History of Scotland Philadelphia 1830
Scott, Sir Walter Kenilworth Philadelphia 1821
Scott, Sir Walter Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, in three volumes New York,
Scott, Sir Walter Lives of the novelists Philadelphia 1825
Scott, Sir Walter Lord of the Isles, a poem Philadelphia 1815
Scott, Sir Walter Marmion: Tale of Flodden Field Philadelphia,
published by Hopkins & Earle
Scott, Sir Walter Monastery Boston 1831
Scott, Sir Walter Paul's letters to his kinsfolk Philadelphia 1816
Scott, Sir Walter Peveril of the Peak
Scott, Sir Walter Pirate Philadelphia 1822
Scott, Sir Walter Poetical Works
Scott, Sir Walter Quentin Durward Philadelphia 1823
Scott, Sir Walter St. Ronan's Well Philadelphia 1824
Scott, Sir Walter Tales of a grandfather Philadelphia 1830
Scott, Sir Walter Tales of a grandfather Philadelphia 1831
Scott, Sir Walter Tales of my landlord Boston 1830
Scott, Sir Walter Tales of my landlord, collected and arranged by Jedediah Cleishbotham Philadelphia 1817
Scott, Sir Walter Waverly Boston 1830
Scott, Sir Walter Waverly Novels, in twelve volumes Philadelphia 1856
Scott, Sir Walter Waverly Novels, in twelve volumes Philadelphia 1866
Scott, Sir Walter Woodstock Philadelphia 1826
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria New England Tale New York 1822
Segur, Louis Phillipe, comte de History of the principal events of the reign of Frederic William II, King of Prussia, and a political picture of Europe from 1786 to 1796 London, printed
for T. Longman and O. Rees, by G. Woodfall
Self Control
Self Indulgence
Seller, Abednego The antiquities of Palmyra, containing the history of the city and its emperors, … an appendix of critical observations on the names, religion, and government of the country and a commentary on the inscriptions lately found there London, printed
for S. Smith and B. Walford
Semple, Robert Observations on a journey through Spain and Italy to Naples London 1807
Septuagint Bible
Seventy-Six two volumes Baltimore and
Frederick, Md.
Sevigne, Mme de Letters from Mme Sevigne to her daughter London 1801
Seward, A.C. Memoirs of F. Darwin
Shakespeare, William Dramatic Works New York 1817
Shakespeare, William Works London 17nn
Shakespeare, William Works of Shakespeare with Notes by Charles Knight New York 18nn
Shaler, William Sketches of Algiers, political, historical. and civil Boston 1826
Shaw, Thomas Supplement to Shaw's Book of Travels 1743 maps, illus.
Shaw, Thomas Travels or observations relating to several parts of Barbary and the Levant Oxford, printed
at the Theatre
1738 illus.
Sheffield Letters to Lord Sheffield on the Commercial Restraints of Ireland
Sheffield Lord Sheffield's observations on the Commerce of the American States
Sheffield, John (Buckingham) Lord Sheffield's observations on the Manufactures, Trade, Etc. of Ireland Dublin 1785
Sheffield, John (Buckingham) Poetical Works of John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham Edinburg,
Apollo Press
Shenstone, William Sallust's Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline, with English commentary, by Charles Anthon Edinburg, at
Apollo Press
Shepherd, William Paris, in 1802 and 1814 Philadelphia 1815
Sheridan, Frances Chamberlaine Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph, extracted from her own journal and now first published London, printed
for R. and J. Dodsley
Sherwood, Mary Martha Lady of the Manor; being a series of conversations on the Subject of Confirmation Philadelphia,
Towar, J. & D. M. Hogan (Hogan & Co.),
Sherwood, Mary Martha Lady of the Manor; being a series of conversations on the Subject of Confirmation Philadelphia 1831
Sherwood, Mary Martha Roxobel New York 1831
Shipmaster's Assistant and Owner's Manual
Short Tour between Hartford and Quebec in the autumn of 1810 New Haven 1820
Shuck, J. Lewis Portfolio Chinensis: or ... authentic Chinese state papers Macao 1840 inscribed by author to his uncle B.Bogan who donated this vol.
Shuckford, Samuel Connection of Sacred and Profane History London 1808 maps, incl.Garden of Eden
Siamese Tales
Signers to the Declaration of Independence Philadelphia 1820-1828
Silliman, Benjamin Journal of Travels in England, Holland and Scotland ... New York 1810
Silliman, Benjamin Visit to Europe in 1851 New York 1854
Simes, Thomas Military Guide for Young Officers London 1781
Sinclair Code of Agriculture 18nn
Sitgreaves, Capt. L. Expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers Washington, GPO 1853 illus.
Six months in the West Indies in 1825 New York 1826
Skelton, Philip Deism revealed on the attack on Christianity London 1749
Sketch of the military and political power of Russia in the year 1817 New York 1817
Sketches of India : written by an officer for Fire-side Travellers at home, 3rd ed. London 1825
Sketches of Naval Life ; ... in a series of letters from the Brandywine and Constitution frigates New Haven 1829 illus.
Sketches of Persia Philadelphia 1828
Slade, Adolphus Records of travels in Turkey, Greece, &c. ... with the Capitan Pasha, in two volumes Philadelphia 1833
Sloan, Samuel The Model Architect Philadelphia,
E. S. Jones & Co
Smart, et al. World displayed; or, A curious collection of voyages and travels, selected and compiled from the writers of all nations; by Smart, Goldsmith, Johnson Philadelphia,
published by Dobelbower, Kay and Simpson
1795-1796 illus.
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Smiles, Samuel Brief Biographies Boston 1868
Smith Theory of Agreeable Sensations with a Dissertation on Harmony of Style
Smith, Adam Essays on Philosophical Subjects
Smith, Adam Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 4th ed. Dublin, printed for
W. Colles, R. Moncrieff, G. Burnet, & others
Smith, Adam Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 5th ed. London 1789
Smith, Adam Theory of Moral Sentiments
Smith, Alexander Poems Boston 1854
Smith, Charlotte Banished Man, a novel in two volumes Dublin 1794
Smith, Charlotte Desmond
Smith, Charlotte Emmeline, the orphan of the castle Philadelphia 1802
Smith, Charlotte Marchmont London 1796
Smith, Charlotte Montalbert
Smith, E.G., Rev. Mentor and the Fireside Review, Vol. I. Jan.-June New York 1839
Smith, Elizabeth Fragments in prose and verse, by Miss Elizabeth Smith, lately deceased New York 1810
Smith, Horace Brambletye House; or, Cavaliers and Roundheads, in three vols. Boston, Wells
and Lilly
Smith, Horace Gaieties and Gravities; Series of essays, in two vols. Philadelphia 1825
Smith, Horace Tor Hill
Smith, James and Horace Horace in London Boston 1813
Smith, James and Horace Rejected Addressee
Smith, John Thomas Antiquities of Westminster: the old palace; St. Stephen's Chapel London 1807 illus.
Smith, John, Captaine True Travels (1593-1629) and General Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Iles, from the London edition of 1629 Richmond 1819
Smith, Samuel Stanhope Lectures on the subjects of moral and political philosophy, in two volumes Trenton 1812
Smith, William, ed. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, First Am. Ed., with articles by Charles Anthon New York 1843
Smith, William, ed. New Classical Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography, Mythology, and Geography, revised by Charles Anthon New York 1851
Smollett, Tobias George History of England Baltimore 1810
Smollett, Tobias George Miscellaneous works of Tobias Smollett, M.D., in six volumes Edinburgh,
printed by David Ramsay, for Jo. and Ja. Fairbairn and A. Guthrie
Smyth, Warington W. Year with the Turks New York 1854
Some account of Louisiana taken from documents in the public offices
Somerville, Mrs. Personal recollections of Mrs. Somerville 18nn
Somerville, William Poetical Works Edinburgh at
Apollo Press
Son of a genius ; a tale for the use of youth New York 1814
Sophoclis Tragoedieae (in Greek) Lipsiae 1841
Southey, Robert Joan of Arc London 1797
Southey, Robert Letters written during a short residence in Spain and Portugal, second ed. Bristol, printed by
Biggs and Cottle, for T. N. Longman and O. Rees
Southey, Robert Life of Wesley; and the rise and progress of Methodism New York 1820
Southey, Robert Remains of Henry Kirke White Philadelphia 1811
Southey, Robert Roderick, the last of the Goths, a tragic poem Philadelphia 1815
Southworth, Emma D.E.N. Deserted Wife Philadelphia 1855
Spafford Gazetteer of the State of New York
Spallanzani, Lazzaro Dissertations relative to the natural history of animals and Vegetables
Spallanzani, Lazzaro Travels in the two Sicilies, ... parts of the Apennines London, printed
for G. G. and J. Robinson
1798 illus.
Sparks, Jared, ed. Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution Boston 1829-1830
Sparks, Jared, ed. Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States, ... from 1783 ...1789 Washington 1833-1834
Sparks, Jared, ed. Library of American Biography Boston and
New York
Sparrman, Andrew Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, towards the Antarctic polar circle, and round the world Perth, printed by
R. Morison, for R. Morison, G. Mudie, and J. Lackington
1789 illus.
Spellman, Henry, Sir Xenophon's Expedition of Cyrus, trans., with notes historical and critical
Spenser, &c. Works of British Poets, by Ezekial Sanford, v.2 Philadelphia 1819
Spenser, Edmund The poetical works of Edmund Spenser from the text of Mr. Upton, with the life of the author London, printed
under the direction of J. Bell, British library, Strand
Spirit of the castle
Spirit of the Old Dominion Vol. 6
Sporschil, John Complete Dictionary of the English and German languages London 1830
Sr. Pierre, B. de Studies of Nature
Stackhouse, Thomas New history of the Holy Bible from the beginning of the world to the establishment of Christianity London, J. Hinton 1762-1764
Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Necker, Baroness de Considerations on the principal events of the French Revolution New York 1818
Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Necker, Baroness de Corinna
Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Necker, Baroness de Germany
Stael-Holstein, Anne Louise G. Necker, Baroness de Influence of literature upon society to which is prefixed a memoir of the life and writings of the author Boston, published
by W. Wells and T. B. Wait, sold by them and by C. Williams, and M. Thomas
Stael-Holstein, Baroness de, editor Letters and Reflections of the Austrian Field Marchal Prince de Ligne
Stanford, Leland Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Leland Stanford Washington, GPO 1894
Stark, John Acceptance of the Statues of John Stark and Daniel Webster presented by the State of New Hampshire Washington, GPO 1895
Starke, Mariana Letters from Italy, from 1792 to 1788 London 1800
State of Great Britain and the American colonies in the year 1767 with regards to agriculture, population, trade and manufactures, ...
Staughton, William Baptist Mission in India
Staunton, Sir George Leonard, bart. Authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, by Lord Macartney, in 1792 Philadelphia,
printed for Robert Campbell, by John Bioren
Stedman History of the origin, progress and termination of the American war
Steele, Sir Richard The Ladies Library. Written by a lady. Published by Sir Richard Steele London, printed
for J. and R. Tonson in the Strand
Stephanini, J. Personal Narrative of the sufferings of J. Stephanini New York 1829
Stephen, James War in Disquise
Stephens, Alexander History of the Wars, which arose out of the French Revolution Philadelphia,
published by John Browne, and Thomas L. Plowman
Sterne, Laurence Works containing, I. The life and opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent. II. A sentimental journey through France and Italy, III. Sermons, IV. Letters, with a life of the author written by himself London, printed
for J. Dodsley, J. Johnson, G. G. and J. Robinson, T. Cadell and others
Steuben, Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States
Stevenson, Robert Louis Inland Voyage Boston 1907
Stewart, C.S. Sketches of Society in Great Britain and Ireland Philadelphia 1834
Stewart, C.S. Visit to the South Seas New York 1831
Stewart, Dugald Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind
Stewart, Dugald Philosophical essays, First American Edition Philadelphia,
printed for A. Finley; New York, Whiting and Watson
Stewarton Picture of the Empire of Buonaparte, and his federate nations; or, The Belgian Traveller Middleton, Conn.,
printed by Alsop and Alsop
Stewarton Revolutionary Plutarch, exhibiting the most distinguished characters, literary, military and political in the recent annals of the French Republic London, printed
for John Murray
Stillingfleet, Edward Origins sacrae, or a rational account of the Christian faith London, printed
by Henry Mertlesk
Stoddard, Amos Sketches, Historical and Descriptive, of Louisiana
Storch, Heinrich F. Picture of Petersburg from the German of Henry Storch London, Longmans 1801 map
Story, Joshua Introduction to English Grammar Newcastle 1778
Stowe, C.E. Origin and History of the Books of the Bible Hartford 1868
Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's Cabin Philadelphia 1897
Strickland, Agnes Lives of the Queens of England, Vol. IV Philadelphia 1849
Strype, John Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion in the Church of England ... serving to enlighten those Two Great Crises of Queen Elizabeth's Reign ...Divers other Political Affairs of Note London 17nn
Stuart, Gilbert View of society in Europe, a work in progress from rudeness to refinement Edinburgh,
printed for John Bell; & J. Murray
Study and Practice of the Law, considered in their various relations to society, in a series of letters. By a member of Lincolns Inn, First American Ed. Portland 1806
Sturm, Christopher Beauties of Nature delineated; or philosophical and pious contemplations on the works of nature; chiefly selected from Sturm's Reflections
Sturm, Christopher Reflections on the works of God and of his providence, throughout all nature, for everyday in the year Dublin, printed
for William Jones
Sue, Eugene Mysteries of Paris. A Romance of the Rich and Poor New York 1845
Suetonius Lives, History of Poets, trans. by Thomson
Sullivan, Francis Stoughton Lecture on the Constitution and Laws of England, ..., and a discourse ... by Gilbert Stuart, First Am. Ed. Portland 1805
Sully, Duke of (Maximilian de Bethune) Memoirs of the life and reign of Henry the 4th, king of France, Fifth Edition, in six vols. London 1778
Surr, Thomas Skinner George Barnwell
Surr, Thomas Skinner Magic of Wealth Philadelphia 1815
Surr, Thomas Skinner Winter in London; or, Sketches of fashion, a novel Baltimore,
published by Kid &Thomas
Svinine, Paul Sketch of the life of General Moreau, and the details of his last moments
Swift, Jonathan Gulliver's Travels
Swift, Jonathan Letters, written by Jonathan Swift and several of his friends from the year 1703 to 1740 London, printed
for T. Davies, R. Davis, L. Davis and C. Reymars, and J. Dodsley
Swift, Jonathan Miscellaneous Works Dublin 1765-1775
Swift, Jonathan Poetical Works of Jonathan Swift London, printed
under direction of J. Bell
Swift, Jonathan Swiftiana
Swinburne, Henry Travels in the two Sicilies in the years 1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780 Dublin, printed for Price, Whitestone, R. Colles, Beatty, White, Burton, Bryne and Cash 1813
Tacitus The Works, with an essay on his life and genius by Arthur Murphy
Taine, H. Italy:  Rome and Naples New York 1869
Tale of Pompeii 18nn
Tales from "Blackwood" New Series Edinburgh, Wm.
Blackwood and Sons
Tales of Real Life
Tales of the Genii Persian language?
Talleyrand, C.M. Memoirs of C. M. Talleyrand de Perigord, one of Bonaparte’s principal secretaries of State London, printed
for J. Murray
Tappan, William B. Poems Philadelphia 1822
Tarkington, Booth Cherry 18nn
Tasso, Torquato Jerusalem delivered; an heroic poem; translated from the Italian by John Hoole London 1765
Tatler ;Or, Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq. Philadelphia,
published by Samuel F. Bradford and John Conrad and Co., Robert Carr, printer
Taylor, Jane Contributions of Q.Q. to a periodical work, in two volumes New York 1826
Temple, William Works of Sir William Temple, Bart. To which is prefix’d the life and character of the author London, printed
for Benj. Motte
Terentius Afer, Publius Comedies of Terence. Translated into familiar blank verse by George Colman Dublin, Elizabeth
Thatcher, B.B. Indian Biography: historical account ... individuals ...North American Natives New York 1832
Thiers, M.A. History of the Consulate and the Empire of France Under Napoleon Philadelphia 1849
Thinks I to Myself
Thomas, Robert Medical Advice to the inhabitants of warm climates
Thompson Letters (the Sailor's) from different places in Europe, Asia, Africa and America
Thompson, Henry Life of Hannah More Philadelphia 1838
Thompson, Mrs. A.T. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh 18nn
Thomson, James Poetical works London 1787
Thomson, James Works with his last improvements and corrections to which is prefixed the life of the author London, printed
by A. Strahan, for J. Rivington and Sons
Thomson, Thomas System of Chemistry, in four volumes Philadelphia 1818
Thornton Paper Credit of the British Empire
Thornton, Henry Family Prayers, ... and a family commentary upon the Sermon on the Mount, twenty-second edition New York 1858
Three Years in the Pacific ; notices of Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru, by an officer of the United States Navy Philadelphia 1834
Thucydides Peloponnesian War, in Greek, 2 vols. in 1 Lipsiae 1844
Thucydides Thucydides, Peloponnesian War, trans. by Dr. Smith 1805
Thunberg, Karl Peter Travels in Europe, Africa, and Asia, made between the years 1770 and 1779 London, printed
for B. and C. Rivington, and sold by W. Richardson
Tickell, Thomas Poetical Works of Thomas Tickell Edinburg, at
Apollo Press
Tillotson, John Works of the most reverend Dr. John Tillotson: containing fifty-four sermons and discourses London, printed
for James, John and Paul Knapton and others
Tomline, George Memoirs of the Life of William Pitt Philadelphia 1821
Tone, Theobald Wolfe Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, founder of the United Irish Society Washington 1826
Tooke, Andrew Pantheon, representing the fabulous histories of the heathen gods and most illustrious heathens London, printed
for C. Bathurst, J. Rivington, L. Hawes and others
Tooke, John Horn Diversions of Purley
Tooke, William Life of Catharine II, Empress of Russia, fifth ed. Dublin, printed by
J. Moore
Tour through Zealand in 1802
Tournefort, Joseph Pitton de Voyage into the Levant containing the ancient and modern state of the islands of the Archipelago, the city of Constantinople, ... and Asia Minor London, printed
for D. Browne, A. Bell, J. Darby, and others
1718 maps. ill., plants, edifices, people
Transactions in India from commencement of French War, 1756, to conclusion of late peace 1783 London, printed
for J. Debrett, in Picadilly
Travels through Spain and part of Portugal with commercial, statistical, and geographical details First American Edition Boston 1808 map
Trenck, Frederick, baron Life of Baron Frederick Trenck, containing his advertures, cruel and excessive sufferings, during ten years imprisonment by order of Frederick, late king of Prussia
Trial of Aaron Burr for Treason Against the United States
Trial of M. Margarot and Thomas Muit, before the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh for Sedition
Trotter, John Memoirs of the last years of Charles James Fox
Trueba, T. de Romance of History:  Spain, in two volumes New York 1830
Trumbull, John M'Fingal: A Modern epic poem in four cantos Boston, printed
by Manning & Loring, for Ebenezer Larkin
Tschink, Cajetan Victim of Magical Delusion, or the mystery of the revolution of Portugal, trans from the German by P. Will Dublin 1795 inscribed: Sally Stoddert
Tschudi, J.J. Von Travels in Peru, trans. from the German by Thomasina Ross New York 1865
Tucker, George History of the United States, in four volumes Philadelphia 1856-1857
Tuckey, Captain J.K. Narrative of an expedition to explore the River Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in1816 New York 1818
Tulloch, John Leaders of the Reformation Boston 1859
Turnbull, John Voyage round the world in the years 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, and 1804 ...,first American, from the London ed. Philadelphia 1810
Twenty Essays on Literary and Philosophical Subjects
Twin Sisters
Tytler, Patrick Fraser Historical view of the Progress of discovery  ... America (Harper's Family Library: LIII) New York 1836 maps. illus.
Ulloa, Antonio de Voyage to South America London 1806 maps. illus.
United States Constitution and amendments, Declaration of Independence
Universal history , from the earliest time to the present compiled from original authors; and illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, chronological, and other tables Dublin, printed by
and for George Faulkner
1744 illus.
Valette, Laudun de Discoveries of the French in 1768 and 1769, to the Southeast of New Guinea London, printed
for John Stockdale
1791 illus.
Van Braam, Andre Everard Authentic Account of an embassy from the Dutch East India Company to the court of the Emperor of China in the years 1794 and 1795 London 1798
Varieties of literature selected from literary journals London
Vattel Law of Nations
Vertot, M. L'Abbe de Revolutions of the Roman Republic, trans by Mr. Ozell, fourth ed. Edinburgh 1771
Vidocq, Eugene Francois Memoirs of Vidocq:The Principal Agent of the French Police Philadelphia,
George G. Evans
View of South America and Mexico two vols. in one Montreal 1827 bookplate of John Berryman
Vigeri, Francisci Greek idiom, illustrated by Henricus Hoogeveen 17nn inscribed: David Stuart
Virgil Works, trans. by Dryden
Virginia, General Assembly Acts of the General Assembly of Virginia, ... which are now in Force
Virginia, General Assembly Revised Code
Visit for a Week
Vocabulary of Sea Terms and Phrases.  French and English 17nn illus.
Volney Ruins, or Survey of the Revolutions of Empires
Volney Travels through Egypt and Syria, in the years 1783, 1784 and 1785
Voltaire Life of Peter the Great
Voltaire, Francois M. History of Charles XII, King of Sweden Frederick-town,
printed & sold by John T. Thomson
Voltaire, Francois M. History of the Age of Louis 14th
Voltaire, Francois M. Letters of certain Jews to M. Voltaire, 2 vols. in 1 Philadelphia 1795
Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de Chef's d'oeuvre Dramatiques de Voltaire
Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de Histoire de Charles XII, Roi de Suede Paris, Didot 1802
Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de Universal History of the manners and spirit of nations from the reign of Charlemagne to the Age of Louis 14th
Von Minutoli, Baroness Recollections of Egypt Philadelphia 1827
Von Tietz, M. St. Petersburgh, Constantinople, and Napoli di Romania, in 1833 and 1834 New York 1836
Wafer, Lionel Journey across the Isthmus of Darien
Wailly, Noel Francois de. Principes generaux et particulier de la langue francaise Paris, J. Barbou 1780
Wakefield, Priscilla Family Tour through the British Empire Philadelphia 1804
Walker, George Don Raphael
Walker, George Theodore Cyphon: or, the benevolent Jew, a novel Alexandria 1803
Walker, George Vagabond. A novel. By George Walker Dublin, printed by
D. Graisberry for G. Burnet, P. Morgan, J. Moore, J. Rice and G. Golingsby
Waller, Edmund The poetical works from Mr. Fenton’s quarto ed, 1729 with the life of the author Edinburg,
Apollo Press
Walpole, B.C. Life of the Hon. Charles J. Fox New York 1807
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Oxford Castle of Otranto
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Oxford Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, to Sir Horace Mann, in two vols. New York 1833
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Oxford Walpoliana Dublin, published
by Burnett, Wogan, Porter and others
Walsh Letter on the Genius and Disposition of the French Government
Walsh, R. Notices of Brazil in 1828 and 1829 Boston 1831 ill.
Walsh, Robert Appeal from the Judgments of Great Britain ... United States of America.  merits and wrongs as colonies Philadelphia 1819
Ward, R.P. Fielding, or Society Philadelphia 1837
Ware, Sir James Inquiries concerning Ireland and its Antiquities, nor first printed in English from the last Latin Edition thereof Dublin 1705
Warfield, Catharine A. Sea and Shore Philadelphia 1876
Warin, J.J. Regnault Magdalen Church Yard, 4 vols. in 2 Boston 1809
Warner History of Ireland, from the earliest times, to the year 1152
Warner History of the Rebellion and civil wars in Ireland, from 1641 to 1660
Warren History of the American Revolution
Warren, Samuel Affecting Scenes; from passages from the diary of a physician New York 1931
Warville, Brissot de Travels in the United States, in 1788
Washington, George General Washington's Official Letters to Congress during the revolutionary war with Great Britain
Washington, George Letters on rural affairs to Author Young and Sir John Sinclair
Washington, George Letters to both Houses of Congress at the Opening of every Session
Washington, George Testimonials of Respect to the memory of George Washington
Waterman, Elijah, Rev. Memoirs and Life of John Calvin Hartford 1813
Watson Apology for the Bible
Watson Bishop of Landaff's apology for Christianity
Watson, Richard Anecdotes of the Life of Richard Watson, Bishop of Landaff Philadelphia 1818
Watson, Richard Collection of Theological Tracts by the Bishop of Landaff London 1791
Watson, Richard Life of the Rev. John Wesley, first American Official edition, with notes by John Emory New York 1831
Watson, Robert History of the reign of Philip the Third, King of Spain Dublin, printed for
Messrs. Price, Whitestone, W. Watson, & others
Watson, Robert Memoirs of Philip de Comines, second ed. London 17nn
Watterston, George Lawyer, or, Man as he Ought Not to Be
Watts, Isaac Evangelical discourses on various subjects
Watts, Isaac Improvement of the mind 18nn
Watts, Isaac Improvement of the mind. By Isaac Watts, D.D. with corrections, questions and supplement by Joseph Emerson Boston, J. Loring 1823
Watts, Isaac Philosophical essays on various subjects with some remarks on Mr. Locke’s essay on the human understanding to which is subjoined a brief scheme of ontology or the science of being in general with its affections, fifth ed., corrected London, printed
for J. Murgatroyd, Guthrie, Elder, and Dixon, and others
Watts, Isaac Poetical works of Isaac Watts, D. D. with the life of the author  Edinburg,
Apollo Press
Watts, Isaac Rational Foundations of a Christian Church
Watts, Isaac World to come; or, Discourses on the Joys and Sorrows of Departed Souls at Death ..., fifth ed. Edinburgh 1777
Watts, John Secret History of Court of St. Cloud, 1805 Philadelphia,
printed and sold by John Watts
Webb, Mrs. J.B. Naomi: or, the last days of Jerusalem, seventeenth ed. London, Virtue
Bros. & Co. Amen Corner
Webster, Noah American Dictionary of the English Language.  Revised. Springfield 1874 inscribed:Milton Schaeffer/Westminster/Md/Family Dictionary
Webster, Noah Brief History of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases
Weld Travels through the States of North America, and the Provinces of upper and lower Canada, in 1795, 1796 and 1797
Welsh Mountaineer
Wendeborn, G. F. August A view of England toward the close of the eighteenth century London, printed
for G. G. J. and
J. Robinson
Wentworth, May Golden Dawn and other stories New York 1870
West, Gilberrt Poetical Works Edinburg,
Apollo Press
West, Mrs. Jane History of Ned Evans, second ed. 4 vols in 2 London, printed
for G. G. J. and J. Robinson
West, Mrs. Jane Infidel Father London, printed
for A. Strahan
West, Mrs. Jane Refusal, 3 vols. in 2 Philadelphia 1810
West, Mrs. Jane Tale of the Times, in two volumes Alexandria 1801
Wharton, Francis Treatise on Theism Philadelphia 1859
Wharton, Grace and Philip Queens of Society London 1872
Whelpley, Samuel Compend of History, first revised edition, in two vols. Philadelphia 1808
Whitaker, John Mary Queen of Scots vindicated. By John Whitaker London, printed
for J. Murray
White, John History of a voyage to the China Sea Boston 1823 map, illus.
White, Joshua E. Letters on England Philadelphia 1816
Whitefield, George Memoirs of the life and character of the late Rev.George Whitfield, compiled by John Gillies, additional notes by Aaron Seymour Philadelphia 1812
Williams, Charles Verulam Life and Administration of ... Spencer Percival ...detail of his assassination Philadelphia 1813
Williams, Helen Maria Correspondence of Lewis XVI : [letters on the French Revolution, written in France, in the summer of 1790] New York 1803
Williams, Helen Maria Narrative of the events ... in France, from the landing of Napoleon Bonaparte, ... till the restoration of Louis XVIII Philadelphia 1816
Williams, Helen Maria Tour in Switzerland; or, A view of the present state of the governments and manners of those cantons Dublin, printed for P. Byrne 1798
Williams, Samuel Natural and Civil History of the State of Vermont
Williams, W. Traveller’s and Tourist’s Guide through the United States, Canada, Etc. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1859 map
Williamson, Hugh History of North Carolina
Williamson, Hugh Observations on the climate in different parts of America
Willich, Anthony Florian Madinger Domestic Encyclopaedia; or, A dictionary of facts and useful knowledge comprehending a concise view of the latest discoveries, inventions and improvements, chiefly applicable to rural and domestic economy Philadelphia, pub.
by William Young
Birch & Abraham
Small; Robert Carr, printer
1803 illus., instru.
Willich, Anthony Florian Madinger Lectures on Diet and Regimen New York 1801
Willington, James Memoirs of a Protestant condemned to the galleys of France, in two volumes London 1758
Williston, E.B. Eloquence [in] The United States Middleton, Conn.,
printed by Alsop and Alsop
Wilson, Henry Voyage to the Pelew Islands, in the Antelope, composed from his own Journals and those of his officers, who were shipwrecked there in 1783 Dublin 1788 maps, illus.
Wilson, James Letters to the Rev. Ezra Stiles Ely Boston 1814
Wilson, Robert Thomas Account of the British Expedition to Egypt
Wines, E.C. Commentaries on the Laws of the Ancient Hebrews New York 1855
Winterbotham Historical, Geographical, Commercial and Philosophical View of the United States, ...with an Atlas
Wister, Mrs. A.L. Enchanting and Enchanted Philadelphia 1876
Wittman, William Travels in Turkey, Asia-Minor, Syria, and across the desert into Egypt, during the years, 1799, 1800, and 1801, in company with the Turkish army and the British military mission Philadelphia,
printed and
sold by James Humphreys
Wollaston, William Religion of Nature Delineated London 1726
Women; or, Pour et Contre
Wonders of Nature and Art in all countries of the world
Wood, Jeremiah Life and Character of Rev. Elisha Yale Albany 1854
Wood, Nicholas Practical Treatise on Railroads, and interior communication in general ... at and subsequent to the Liverpool Contest Philadelphia 1832 illus.
Wood, W.W. Sketches of China Philadelphia 1830
Woodward Address on ... Plan for Maintenance of the Poor of the city of Dublin
Woodward, Augustus B. Considerations on the substance of the sun
Wortley, Lady Emmeline Stuart Travels in the United States, etc. during 1849 and 1850 New York 1851
Wright, Thomas History of Ireland New York 1854 map, illus.
Wycherley Plain Dealer, a comedy, written by Mr. Wycherley; and other works London 17nn
Xenophon Memoirs of Socrates trans. by Mrs. Fielding
Yankey in London Series of letters, written by an American youth, during 9 month residence in City of London Boston, printed
and published by Isaac Relig
Yes and No : tale of the day, 2 vols. in 1 Philadelphia 1828
Youmans, Edward L. Correlation and Conservation of Forces New York 1872
Young, Arthur Abridgement of the six weeks, and six months tour’s of Arthur Young, Esq; through the southern and northern counties of England and part of Wales Dublin, printed by
S. Powell
Young, Arthur Six weeks tour through the southern counties of England and Wales Dublin, printed for
J. Milliam in Skinner Row
Young, Arthur+A1652 Travels in France during the years 1787, 1788 and 1789 Dublin, printed for
R. Corss
1793 maps
Young, Edward Centaur Not Fabulous Philadelphia 1808
Young, Edward Complaint: or Night Thoughts on Life Death and Immortality, carefully corrected Glasgow 17nn
Young, Edward Night Thoughts on Life Death and Immorality New York 1818
Young, Edward Poetical works Edinburg, Apollo Press 1784
Young, William, Sir History of Athens
Zimmerman Strictures of National Pride
Zimmerman Views ... life of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia
Zimmerman, M. Solitude, considered with respect to its influence on the Mind and Heart, trans. from the German Dublin 1792
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